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The Clinical Placement Office at Michigan Medicine coordinates all student nurse placements within inpatient and ambulatory care areas. We determine all undergraduate student placement locations, while graduate student placements are determined by the individual Michigan Medicine practitioners. The Clinical Placement Office also makes certain that all compliance requirements are met prior to placement accommodation.

Unfortunately, we do not help find preceptor placements for students, we do not clinically place visiting observers or shadow experience requests, and we do not process nursing certifications. Please contact the unit/area for further information. You and the unit/area must follow all policy guidelines.

Copy of Policy: Michigan Medicine Visiting Observer Policy


All student training between Michigan Medicine and non-UM schools of nursing requires an affiliation agreement. Only a Michigan Medicine approved affiliation agreement template is used. Minor changes may be requested by the school of nursing (SON) for consideration, but major changes will not be accepted. In addition, only certain individuals are authorized to negotiate and execute affiliation agreements on behalf of Michigan Medicine. As such, all affiliation agreements will originate from the University of Michigan Health (UMH). The AFFILIATION PAGE will provide you with detailed information on obtaining an affiliation agreement between your school and Michigan Medicine. There are specific timelines that must be followed due to the length of time typically needed to secure the agreement.


All placement requests must be coordinated through the Clinical Placement Office to ensure a consistent process. Students and instructors are asked not to approach staff directly to inquire about cohort group or individual placements. This will ensure fair outcomes in a highly competitive process and provide increased satisfaction for all. All clinical placement requests must be submitted through the Alliance for Clinical Experience Matching and Placement Program (ACEMAPP), a product of Michigan Health Council.

  • All student placement requests must be submitted by the SON through ACEMAPP, a secure, clinical education platform.
  • All students (including employees) and instructors MUST enroll in ACEMAPP for onboarding.


All placement requests follow the Affiliation Agreement, ACEMAPP, Secure Portal System, and Compliance DEADLINES. You can find this information on our CALENDAR PAGE.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of the school of nursing placement coordinator to make certain all undergrad instructors and students are familiar with our website to find information and know how to contact us with questions regarding onboarding.


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Jole' Mowry, MS, BSN, RN
Clinical Placement Clinical Lead
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Contact Regarding Undergrad Scheduling,
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April Stingo, BS
Clinical Placement Process Lead
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