BSN Student Nurse Extern Program


The University of Michigan BSN Student Nurse Extern Program
is a ten week concentrated work/study experience which allows
BSN students to function in a nursing role in a safe and supportive
environment under the direct supervision of a RN preceptor.

This program is only for students in a traditional BSN track. For job opportunities please check out the Nursing Careers website.

Michigan Medicine BSN Student Nurse
Externship Program Summer 2024

Application Dates:
May 13th--July 19th, 2024

Program Information

The Student Nurse Extern Program focuses on the utilization of the nursing process to meet the bio/psycho/social needs of the patient with real or potential life-threatening health problems. The program consists of didactic learning coupled with nearly 10 weeks of concentrated time spent on a selected unit under the direct supervision of a RN preceptor. It is a unique experience that allows BSN students to function in a nursing role in a supportive learning environment.

The Student Nurse Extern Program offers the participants an exceptional opportunity to develop their nursing skills. The didactic portion of the program is concentrated in the first days of the program. Students who are selected for this program must be prepared for a full 36-40-hour commitment per week (approximately 360 total hours of clinical work).

Program Requirements

  • You must commit to all program and orientation dates.
  • You must follow your preceptor's work schedule (including weekends and off shifts).
  • You will not know your work schedule or who your assigned preceptor will be until the first week of the program.
  • Email Mark Erber at if you have any questions.

Program Stipend

  • $6400 stipend for the duration of the program

Applications for the summer 2024 program will be accepted from November 1st through 30th, 2023.


2023 Program Applicant Requirements


    1. Current enrollment in a traditional BSN nursing program
    2. Graduation date: Winter 2024 or Spring 2025
    3. Completion of junior-level clinical requirements
    4. Completion of a minimum of three (3) clinical rotations by program start date (May 2024)
    5. Students with an interest in a Pediatric placement: completion of at least one clinical experience in a pediatric acute care hospital setting by program start date (May 2024)
    6. An overall 3.0 GPA or higher
    7. Submission of an unofficial transcript (does not need to include fall 2023 grades)
    8. Two recommendations from nursing CLINICAL faculty
    9. Submission of a Resume
    10. Submission of a Professional Statement of Interest (2 pages maximum)
    11. Submission of Meaningful Event (2 pages maximum)

Program Areas

  • Adult Critical Care
  • Adult Acute Care
  • Pediatric Critical Care
  • Pediatric Acute Care
  • Women’s Hospital (birthing center, postpartum, etc.)*
  • Adult Emergency Department*

    *These areas are for University of Michigan Students only. This is an enhanced program with different requirements and service commitments. More details will be provided to those who have an interest in these areas.


  • You will submit the application through Qualtrics.
  • Please see the checklist below to assist you in preparing for your Qualtrics application submission.
  • Do not submit the checklist with the application. The checklist is for your reference.


  Application Checklist  

Application Checklist

Refer to our Application Checklist
to prepare for your application.
Do not submit the checklist!


BSN Student Nurse Externship Application

Opens November 1, 2023: Qualtrics Application Link





Contact Us

Mark Erber, MSN, RN
Staff Specialist
Professional Development and Education
Office: 734-232-0701











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