Extracorporeal Life Support

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Neonatal Referrals

Neonatal ECMO Patient Selection Criteria

  • Gestational age > 30weeks
  • Birthweight > 1,000 grams
  • No significant coagulopathy or uncontrollable bleeding
  • No major intracranial hemorrhage
  • Mechanical ventilation < 10-14 days
  • Reversible lung injury
  • No lethal malformations
  • No major cardiac malformation

Neonatal ECMO Patient Qualifying Criteria

  • AaDO2 = [atmospheric pressure -47 -(PaCO2 + PaO2)] / FiO2 (47 is the partial pressure of water vapor) 600-624 torr for 4 to 12 hours at sea level
  • Oxygenation Index (OI) = [MAP x FiO2 x 100] / PaO2 (MAP is mean airway pressure) 25-40 for 1/2 to 6 hours
  • PaO2 35-50mmHg for 2-12 hours
  • Acute Deterioration PaO2 < 30-40
  • pH < 7.25 for 2 hours
  • Intractable hypotension

Further discussion of the above criteria can be found in Selection Criteria for Use of ECLS in Neonates

For neonatal ECMO referrals please call 1-734-936-6266, pager # 9766, or contact M-Line or the UM Transfer Center.


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