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TV Exposure Linked to Overweight in Preschoolers

Our research [1] links TV exposure with overweight in preschoolers.   We looked at data on about 1000 three-year-olds, to see what effect TV might have on their weight. 

We found that just being awake and in the room with the TV on for more than two hours a day was a risk factor for being overweight or obese.  In fact, more than two hours of TV exposure a day increased the likelihood of being overweight three times.

This held true even after controlling for factors that could confound the results, for example, income level or mother’s education level. 

What can parents do?

~Julie Lumeng, M.D.

[1] Lumeng JC, Rahnama S, Appugliese D, Kaciroti N, Bradley RH. Television exposure and overweight risk in preschoolers. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2006 Apr;160(4):417-22.

Updated June 2007


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