Wicha Lab personnel


Principal Investigator

Max S. Wicha, M.D.
Madeline and Sidney Forbes Professor of Oncology
Founding Director Emeritus,
University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center

As founding director of the UM Comprehensive Cancer Center, Dr. Wicha is responsible for coordinating all cancer activities related to research and patient care.  Dr. Wicha is nationally known for his research in the field of breast oncology. His lab was part of the team that first discovered stem cells in breast cancer, the first described in any human solid tumor.  Since then, Dr. Wicha has become one of the leading experts on cancer stem cells. Dr. Wicha is also active as a clinician, specializing in the treatment of breast cancer patients. 

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Research Faculty

Monika Burness
Miao He
Hui Jiang
Suling Liu
Ming Luo
Sean McDermott
Yongyou Zhu


Post-doctoral and Medical Research Fellows

Dana Bazzoun
Michael Brooks
Yu-Chih Chen
Ramdane Harouaka

Graduate, Medical Students and Visiting Scholars

Joe Burnett
Joe Burnett
Justin Colacino
Evelyn Jiagge
Albert Lin
Tsukasa Shigehiro
Morgan White

Not Pictured: Isadore Dodard-Friedman

Research Technicans

Shamileh Fouladdel

Alexandra Fox

Jill Granger

Lab Manager

Joe Guy
Kaitlin Harvey
Li Shang


Undergraduate Researchers and Volunteers

Gabrielle Hodges
Shalini Kota
Xingyi Pan
Rishika Polasani

Not Pictured: Aaron Sweet, Allison David, Rachana Gudipudi

Collaborators and foreign scholars

Wicha Lab Alumni

Administrative Support Staff:

Denise Poirier

Denise Poirier
Executive Assistant

Courtney Crompton
Administrative Assistant Associate