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In May 2012 Dr. Wicha relocated his Experimental Breast Cancer Research Laboratories and more than forty researchers to the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC) buildings 26 and 20W and established the Translational Oncology Program (TOP). With the formation of the TOP, Dr. Wicha has engaged the interest of the best and brightest CSC researchers to the NCRC.  The TOP will be directed by pioneering CSC investigator Dr. Diane Simeone, whose pancreas CSC research is world renowned. In Dr. Wicha's words, “ In many ways, the NCRC embodies the very best of Michigan and epitomizes what sets our institution apart – our ability to focus the efforts of the top minds in diverse fields to find answers to society’s greatest challenges.”

The TOP seeks to drive innovative cancer therapies and is uniquely qualified with numerous leading laboratories in CSC research. TOP investigators are presently exploring cancers of the breast, lung, pancreas, head and neck, colon, prostate and thyroid. By working together and sharing the ample scientific resources of the NCRC, TOP scientists can make progress more rapidly than would be possible by working alone. It is hoped this collaborative approach will revolutionize cancer treatments by targeting and destroying the cells responsible for disease recurrence and metastasis.

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