Charts & Reference

The resources on this page are intended to guide and support you in your Timekeeping and Payroll responsibilities. Please send an email request to to let us know if there are additional resources you would like to have included here.

Charts and Reference

Holiday Time Reporting Presentations

2017 AFSCME Contract Changes

Leave Banks and Accruals

Timekeeping Basics Handbook

This Handbook contains basic information regarding the timekeeping process focusing on Hospitals and Health Center Departments. This information is for people new to timekeeping at UMHHC. The information in this handbook will serve as a foundation for future learning.

Timekeeping Basics Handbook

Time Reporting Codes Manual

This manual is intended to give you the basic information you need regarding how and when to use each of the Time Reporting Codes. However, it is not intended to be a complete representation. It is expected that users of this manual also reference the appropriate source(s) such as the Standard Practice Guide, bargaining agreements,.........

If there are other practices or uses of these codes that are not documented, please send an email notification to with details. Our goal is to promote standardization where possible. We appreciate your partnership.

Time Reporting Codes Manual

Emergency Reductions in Operations Pay Provisions

Information to assist in applying the appropriate pay provision during periods of reduced operations.

PTO Sellback Guidelines

Information to help you administer the PTO Sellback Program