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Affirmative Action Goals: Creating a Diverse Workforce

The University of Michigan's policy on Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action (PDF) shows that the University is very committed to creating and maintaining a diverse workforce.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the candidate pool is diverse and robust. In addition, you are responsible for conducting a review of RIF candidates and checking performance evaluations and rehire status of candidates to be interviewed.

Tips on Recruiting a Diverse Staff shows that there are many ways for hiring supervisors to help the University maintain a diverse workforce.

Jobs with Goals:

Affirmative action goals are campus goals, not departmental goals. An e-mail will be sent to you if a posted job has a campus affirmative action goal.

If the position has a goal, you need to compare the makeup of the candidate pool to the availability data. The makeup of the candidate pool is found in the Affirmative Action Availability Report (MS Excel). This report will show the percent of the applicant pool that is female and the percent minority.

Ask the following in determining if your candidate pool is sufficiently diverse:

As an example, the availability data indicates 52% females and 12% minorities, while your candidate pool indicates 60% female and 10% minorities. Clearly, your pool is reflective of female availability. Since your candidate pool is somewhat short of the minority availability, you would need to take the further factors into consideration in determining next steps.

Should you determine the pool is not comparable to availability data, the following outreach resources are available: