Affirmative Action Goals: Creating a Diverse Workforce

The University of Michigan's policy on Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action (PDF) demonstrates our commitment to recruiting, selecting and retaining a diverse workforce. As a hiring manager, it is your responsibility to promote an inclusive work environment, which includes ensuring a diverse and robust candidate pool for each of your open positions.

Jobs with Goals:

Aligned with the University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, the University complies with Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity regulations. Goals are identified for jobs for which the University has under-utilized the available diversity within the job market.

Goals are not intended as quotas that must be met. Rather goals are used to signal 'targets of opportunity' for units to do more outreach to identify and interview qualified women and minority applicants for their positions. Goals are determined at the University level and supported by hiring decisions at the departmental level. Hiring managers are expected to hire top talent to ensure a high-performing, sustainable workforce. Ensuring a broad and diverse applicant pool increases the opportunities to identify top talent.

An e-mail will be sent to the listed hiring manager if a posted job has an Affirmative Action goal. In such case, hiring managers should make an effort to compare the makeup of the candidate pool to availability data. This information is found in the Applicant Summary Report associated with the position and shows the percent of the applicant pool that is female and the percent minority. (Note: eRecruit users with the security role of HR_EMP_UNIT_USER have access to this report. You may contact Human Resources for assistance.)

If the makeup of your candidate pool is within 10% of the availability data, your pool may be sufficiently diverse. As an example, the availability data indicates 52% females and 12% minorities, while your candidate pool indicates 60% female and 10% minorities. Clearly, your pool is reflective of female availability. Since your candidate pool is somewhat short of the minority availability, you would need to take further factors into consideration in determining next steps. There are many options you may consider, including reposting the position and/or advertising with diverse websites and professional organizations.

For Additional Resources and Assistance:

Recruiting for Staff Diversity

HR Solutions Center - 647-5538 or by email at HR-Solutions-Center-Inquiry