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Tuition Support Program

Where can I direct questions regarding tuition support?

In order to increase the career opportunities available to staff members at the University/Health System, enhance the performance of staff members and of their units, and encourage professional growth, the University/Health System offers a tuition support program. Financial tuition support is awarded at the discretion of the employing department.

A staff member is eligible for tuition support if he/she:

Additional questions should be directed to Human Resources Services at 734-647-5538 or refer to:

Employees in a job family covered by a labor agreement should refer to their agreement for specific information that may be different than the above information.

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Where can I obtain information regarding the "Reduction-in-Force" (RIF/layoff) policy?

Regular staff members should contact their Human Resources Consultant at 734-647-2385. If you do not know who your Human Resources Consultant is, the Human Resources staff will be happy to direct your call to the appropriate Human Resources Consultant. Consultants provide assistance and guidance to staff members based on the staff member’s employing department.

You may want to check the revised policy 201.72-0 Reduction in Force (Reg. etc.).pdf (50K) or 201.72-1 Reduction in Force (Instructional Staff).pdf (11K) to assist you in compiling questions to ask your Human Resources Consultant.

Staff members may also want to take advantage of the counseling services available through the "Faculty & Staff Assistance Program". They can be contacted at 734-998-7500 or visit their Web site

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Unemployment Compensation


Where can I direct questions about Unemployment Compensation?

Unemployment compensation claims are researched and investigated by a staff member of the Human Resources/Affirmative Action Office. The staff member provides the Michigan’s "Unemployment Agency" relevant information for unemployment compensation claims. All decisions regarding unemployment compensation are the sole responsibility of the "Michigan Unemployment Agency".

If you have questions about unemployment compensation please refere to these two documents: 201.78 Unemployment Compensation.pdf (46K) and 201.57 Temporary Employment.pdf (29K)

You may also find helpful information on the Web site for Michigan’s Unemployment Agency.

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Worker’s Compensation


Who do I call if I have been injured on the job?

You should contact the "Work Connections" office in Ann Arbor at 734-615-0643, or toll free at 1-877-869-5266. Their office is located in the Administrative Services Building on the corner of Hoover and Greene Streets.

They will provide you with a caring and supportive response to your individual needs.

Who do I call with my questions about Worker’s Compensation?

The Risk Management Office administers the Worker’s Compensation Program.

You can also refer to 519.02 Risk Management Services/Workers' Disability Compensation.pdf (42K) to help you formulate any questions you’d like to ask the Risk Management Office.

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