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General Questions About Your Employment


How can I review my personnel file?

Contact one of the two Human Resources Departments to make arrangements to review your folder. Expect a minimum of 24 hours to a maximum of 48 hours turn around time once the request to review your folder is made. You are expected to review your personnel file in the Human Resources Office. Your personnel file can't be removed from Human Resources.

You can obtain additional information on this University policy by referencing: 201.46 Personnel Records - Collection, Retention, etc..pdf (48K)

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Where can I obtain a copy of a job classification description?

Job classification descriptions can be obtained from Health System Human Resources Services at 734-647-5538, located at 2901 Hubbard, Suite 1100, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2435.

You can also obtain additional information by referring to:

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Where can I call to see if my job reclassification has been processed?

You should check with the appropriate staff member in your department first. Call the Health System Human Resources Services Department at 734-647-5538 only if you’re not able to receive the information from your department.

You can also refer to 201.34-0 New and Changed Positions.pdf (217K) for information on the job reclassification practice.

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What do I do if I’m having trouble at my workplace?

We offer a variety of services that can offer advice and counseling. Information that you share with any of the following resources is kept confidential unless it’s of a sexual harassment nature. You can discuss the level of confidentiality you want to maintain with your Human Resources Consultant.

Health System Human Resources Services 734-647-5538

Central Campus Employee Relations 734-763-2387

Faculty & Staff Assistance 734-998-7500 or Web site:

Consultation & Conciliation Services 734-936-4214 or Web site:

Sexual Harassment Policy Office 734-763-8938 or Web site:

You may also obtain additional information on this topic by referring to:

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Who do I contact about sexual harassment?

Call one of our sexual harassment coordinators at 734-647-4797 or visit their Web site for information.

You can also refer to 201.89-0 Sexual Harassment.pdf (62K) or 201.89-1 Interim Policy on Discriminatory Harassment.pdf (18K) for information about the institution’s policies on this topic.

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Can I file a grievance if my employment isn’t covered by a labor agreement?

Yes. The Grievance Procedure is a three (3) step management review process whereby staff members will be afforded the opportunity to file a grievance on matters directly associated with their employment at the University/Health System. Filing a grievance will not cause any reflection on the staff member’s status nor will it affect future employment, compensation or work assignments.

Your first step would be to try and resolve the issue within the department, or if you have followed the proper problem solving channels in your department and the issue has not been resolved, you would then contact the appropriate Human Resources Office.

If employed at the University Health System, contact 734-647-5538.

If employed on Campus, contact 734-763-2387.

You can also refer to 201.08 Grievance Procedure. for detailed information regarding the grievance process.

Who do I contact to file a 2nd step grievance hearing for employees covered by a labor agreement?

Contact the Human Resources Employee Relations Office at 734-763-2387 located at 3003 S. State Street, 2005 Wolverine Tower.


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