Services Offered
B6SJLF2 Hybrid Transgenic Mouse Production 
SD Outbred Transgenic Rat Production  
ES Cell
ES Clone 
Blastocyst Microinjection of C57BL/6 ES cells
De Novo ES Cell Line Derivation
Mouse Speed Cryo
 Mouse IVF

Mouse Sperm Cryo

Standard Fee
$800 per clone
per session
Services Offered
C57BL/6J Transgenic Mouse Production

F344/NHsd Transgenic Rat Production
Transient Cre or FLP ES Cell
KOMP or Genetrap ES Clone 
Blastocyst Microinjection  of 129 Strain ES Cells
Rederivation  of Pathogen Free
Mouse Lines
8-cell Egg

Mouse Strain

ES Cell Lab

Standard Fee
$800 per clone

per session


at cost

Subsidies on Services are Available to Members of University of Michigan Research Centers
University of Michigan Cancer Center University of Michigan O'Brien Kidney Research Core  Center University of Michigan Gastrointestinal Peptide Center University of Michigan Nathan Shock Center for the Basic Biology of Aging

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