Survival Flight Patient Preparation


One call is all you need to request air medical transport, or discuss your patient with an emergency physician or flight nurse.

Whether transferring a patient to the University of Michigan Health System or to any accepting facility, Survival Flights's highly trained staff will provide prompt, expert service.

When transferring patients by Survival Flight, please provide the following:

  • The patients name, age, sex, weight and location.
  • The type and extent of illness or injury, vital signs and treatment received.
  • The landing site information, ground contact and radio frequency if you are calling from the scene of an accident..
  • One copy of medical records, pertinent laboratory/diagnostic data, x-rays, pre-hospital records.
  • For trauma patients: please secure the airway, place patient in full CTLS spine immobilization, attempt cannulation of two large bore IV's and place a nasogastric tube for patients that have an altered level of consciousness, abdominal trauma or multi-system trauma.
  • If possible, please request family members to remain at your facility to provide further information.
  • Please provide a stretcher for transport.

Information on this site is not a tool for self-diagnosis or a substitute for professional care.