Step 1

The first step to joining the MSHOP grant program is to complete the Interest Form. Note that the form can be submitted via email once completed by clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of the PDF.

Step 2

We will contact you to set up an MSHOP introductory meeting at your hospital.

Step 3

Complete the following forms:

  1. Appropriate Human Subjects protections/IRB approval (our team can provide you with our IRB exemption to use as a guide when you work with your institution)
  2. Data Use Agreement
  3. Business Associate Agreement

Step 4

After all documentation is in place, the MSHOP team will work with you to help integrate the program into your current flow of care, as well as support the enrollment and engagement of your patients.

Hospitals perform the following steps to manage patients in the program:

  1. Assess - The Risk Assessment Tool brings patient-specific risk stratification to the bedside

  2. Enroll - MSHOP will provide participating hospitals with MSHOP kits, and your hospital staff will distribute kits and enroll the patient into the Patient Tracker.

  3. Monitor - The Patient Tracker records activity and reminds patients to remain engaged in MSHOP by walking and using the incentive spirometer.

Our hope is that, by empowering patients, they will optimize their surgical outcomes and improve their overall health.