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Radiation Physics
Timothy Ritter, PhD, DABR

Assistant Professor

Ritter_TimothyTimothy Ritter, PhD, DABR:
Assistant Professor



Dr. Ritter joined our department in 2008 as a clinical faculty member following a seven-year tour of active duty in the United States Air Force as a medical physicist. He previously was a faculty member at the Pennsylvania State University. He is board-certified in both therapeutic radiologic physics and diagnostic radiologic physics by the American Board of Radiology. Dr. Ritter is actively involved in clinical services at the Veterans Affairs Ann Arbor Health Care System and also participates in teaching and research activities.

Clinical Services


Key Publications

Ritter T, Balter J, Lee C et al. An Audit Tool for External Beam Radiation Therapy Departments. Practical Radiation Oncology (accepted for publication 2012)

J.M. Moran and T. Ritter, "Limits of Precision and Accuracy of Radiation Delivery Systems." Uncertainties in External Beam Radiation Therapy, J. R. Palta and T. R. Mackie, eds., Medical Physics Publishing, WI, p. 215-232, 2011.

M. Little, T. Ritter, J. Steers, and D. Fraass: “Initial Evaluation of an Inverse-Planned Direct Segment Optimization Technique for Prostate Radiotherapy.” ASTRO 2011 Annual Meeting, October 2011.

D. Litzenberg, I. Gallagher, J. Prisciandaro, C. Lee, T. Ritter, and K. Lam: “The Calibration Accuracy of an Electromagnetic Tracking System to Radiation Isocenter.” 53rd 2011 Joint  AAPM/COMP Meeting, August 2011.

F. Kong, P. Mahasittiwat, S. Yuan, C. Xie, T. A. Ritter, J. Hayman, Y. Cao, and R. K. Ten Haken: “Metabolic Tumor Volume on PET Reduced More Than Gross Tumor Volume on CT During Radiotherapy in Patients with Non Small Cell Lung Cancer.” Imaging for Treatment Assessment in Radiation Oncology 2010, June 2010.

D.M. Downey, J. J. DuBose, T. A. Ritter, and M. J. Dolan, “Validation of a Radiographic Model for the Assessment of Mesh Migration.” Journal of Surgical Research, published online 08 June 2009.

F. Kong, T. A. Ritter, D.J. Quint, S. Senan, L.E. Gaspar, R. Komaki, C.W. Hurkmans, R. Timmerman, A. Bezjak, J.D. Bradley, B. Movsas, L. Marsh, P. Okunieff, H. Choy, and W. Curran: “Considerations of Dose Limits for Organs at Risk of Thoracic Radiotherapy: An Atlas for Lung, Proximal Bronchial Tree, Esophagus, Spinal Cord, Ribs, and Brachial Plexus.” International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, ePub, Oct 2010.

T. A. Ritter (with Lon Marsh): “Manuscript Review, Publishing 101." Course presented at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists, St Louis, Missouri, June 2011.

Timothy Ritter, PhD, DABR, Assistant Professor

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