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Radiation Physics
Daniel L McShan, PhD, FAAPM

Professor and Associate Director

McShan_DanielDaniel L McShan, PhD, FAAPM:
Professor and Associate Director



I was born and raised in Wichita Falls, Texas, and went to college at Midwestern State University in the same town. I graduated in 1966, got married (Stella Lang), and we both started graduate school at Purdue University. I received my Ph.D. in Physics at Purdue in 1970 concentrating in low energy experimental nuclear physics. That was followed by a two year post-doctoral fellowship at Florida State University. I went from there to Rhode Island spending approximately eleven years in the Rhode Island Hospital Department of Radiation Oncology and Brown University. My primary focus there was on the development of computer support applications for radiation therapy. I was an early contributor to the ideas of interactive three-dimensional treatment planning graphics including beam’s eye view and the use of bit-mapped color display for visualization of anatomy and radiation beam placement.

In 1984, I joined the Department of Radiation Oncology and continued work on computer applications in radiation therapy. Along with Dick Fraass, we developed the first complete interactive three-dimensional treatment planning system (called UMPlan) for photon, electron, and brachy (implant) therapies. Over the years since, I have worked on continual improvements to that system (still in clinical use in 2012). Also, time was spent developing a system for interfacing with one of the first treatment machines (Scanditronix Racetrack) with computer controlled multi-leaf collimator and motion control. That control system was also adapted to work with other treatment machines in the department. I have worked on integrating radiation dose calculation algorithms (convolution superposition and Monte-Carlo calculations) and on intensity modulated optimization system


Research Interests

Key Publications

McShan DL, Haumann DR, Reinstein LE, Glicksman AS:  An interactive three dimensional radiation treatment planning system. British Journal of Radiology Suppl (15)144 146, 1979.

McShan DL, Fraass BA, Lichter AS:  Full integration of the beam's eye view concept into clinical treatment planning.  Int J Rad Oncol J Rad Oncol, 18: 1485-1494, 1990.

McShan DL, Fraass BA, Kessler ML, Matrone GM, Lewis JD, Weaver TA:A computer-controlled conformal radiotherapy system.  II:  Sequence processor.  Int J  Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 33(5):1159-1172, 1995.

McShan DL, Kessler ML, Fraass BA:  Advanced interactive planning techniques for conformal therapy:  High level beam descriptions and volumetric mapping techniques. Int J Rad Oncol Biol Phys 33(5):1061-1072, 1995.

McShan DL, Kessler ML, Fraass BA:  Incorporating clinical factors in plan optimization. Proceedings of the XIIIth International Conference on the use of Computers In Radiotherapy,ed.T Bortfeld, W Schlegel, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany, 2000:pp. 535-536.

ML Kessler, DL McShan, M Epelman, KA Vineberg, A Eisbruch, TS Lawrence, BA Fraass :Costlets: A Generalized Approach to Cost Functions for Automated Optimization of IMRT Plans, Optimization and Engineering, 6:421-448, 2005.

Jee K, McShan DL, Fraass BA: Preemptive Lexicographic Ordering: More Intuitive IMRT Optimization.  Phys Med Bio 52: 1845-1861, 2007.

McShan DL, Kessler ML, Vineberg K, et al. Inverse plan optimization accounting for random geometric uncertainties with a multiple instance geometry approximation (MIGA). Med Phys 2006;33:1510-1521.

DL McShan: Workflow and clinical decision support for radiation oncology,   "Efficient Decision Support Systems: Practice and Challenges – From Current to Future / Book 3", ISBN 978-953-308-63-9.

DL McShan, X Chen, ML Kessler, W Keranen, BA Fraass: Computerized treatment planning directives for adaptive radiation therapy management. Proceedings of the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Munich Germany, September 2009, Ed: O Dössel, WC Schlegel, WC 2009,

DL McShan, DW Litzenberg, ML Kessler, BA Fraass: Dose-to-Date calculation for adaptive therapy. Proceedings of the XVth International Conference on Computers in Radiotherapy, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2010 (in press).

RK Ten Haken, DL McShan: Plan optimization with direct use of function image data. Proceedings of the XVth International Conference on Computers in Radiotherapy, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2010 (in press)

Daniel L McShan, PhD, FAAPM, Professor and Associate Director

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