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Radiation Physics
Dale W Litzenberg, PhD, DABR

Clinical Assistant Professor

Litzenberg_DaleDale W Litzenberg, PhD, DABR:
Clinical Assistant Professor



Dr. Litzenberg joined the Department of Radiation Oncology in 1997 after completing his PhD in Physics at the University of Michigan.  Dale completed his post-doctoral training in the department and joined the faculty in 2002.  He is certified by the American Board of Radiology as a Therapeutic Radiologic Physicist, and is active in various clinical services and involved in many research projects.  His primary research and clinical interests include the use of real-time electromagnetic guidance for tumor localization, implementation and integration of new technologies, quality assurance in the clinic, and the investigation of laser acceleration of protons for radiation therapy.

Clinical Services


Research Interests

Key Publications

Litzenberg DW, Balter JM, Hornick DC and Lam KL: A mathematical model for correcting patient setup errors using a tilt and roll device,” Med Phys, 26(12): 2586-2588, 1999.

Litzenberg DW, Roberts DA., Lee MY, Pham K, Vander Molen AM, Ronningen R and Becchetti FD, “On-line monitoring of radiotherapy beams, “experimental results with proton beams,” Med Phys, 26(6): 992-1006, 1999.

Litzenberg DW, Fraass BA, McShan DL, O’Donnell TW, Roberts DA, Becchetti FD, Bielajew AF and Moran JM, “An apparatus for applying strong longitudinal magnetic fields to clinical photon and electron beams,” Phys Med Bio, 46: N105-N115, 2001.

Litzenberg DW, Dawson LA, Sandler HM, Sanda MG, McShan DL, Ten Haken RK, Lam KL, Brock KK and Balter JM, “Daily prostate targeting using implanted radio-opaque markers,” Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 52: 699-703, 2002.

Litzenberg DW, Moran JM and Fraass BA, “Verification of dynamic and segmental IMRT delivery by dynamic log file analysis,” J Appl Clin Med Phys, 3: 63-72, 2002.

Litzenberg DW, Moran JM and Fraass BA, “Incorporation of realistic delivery limitations into dynamic MLC treatment delivery,” Med Phys, 29(5): 810-820, 2002.

Dale W. Litzenberg, James M. Balter, Kwok L. Lam, and Randall K. Ten Haken, "Retrospective Analysis of Prostate Cancer Patients with Implanted Gold Markers using Off-Line and Adaptive Therapy Protocols," Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 63(1): 123-133, 2005.

Yu Chen, Alex F. Bielajew, Dale W. Litzenberg, Jean M. Moran, and Frederick D. Becchetti, "Magnetic confinement of electron and photon radiotherapy dose-a Monte Carlo simulation with a non-uniform longitudinal magnetic field," Med Phys,32(12): 3810-3818, 2005.

Dale W. Litzenberg, James M. Balter, Scott W. Hadley, Howard M. Sandler, Twyla R. Willoughby, Patrick A. Kupelian and Lisa Levine, "The Influence of Intrafraction Movement on Margins for Prostate Therapy," Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 65(2): 548-553, 2006.

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Stepan S. Bulanov, Andei Brantov, Valery Yu. Bychenkov,Vladimir Yu. Chvykov, Galina Kalinchenko, Takeshi Matsuoka, Pascal Rousseau, Stephen Reed, Victor Yanovsky, Karl Krushelnick, Dale W. Litzenberg, and Anatoly Maksimchuk, “Accelerating Protons to Therapeutic Energies with UltraIntense UltraClean and UltraShort Laser Pulses,” Medical Physics, 35(5): 1770-1776, 2008.  PMCID: PMC2597229

S. S. Bulanov, V. Yu. Bychenkov, V. Chvykov, G. Kalinchenko, D. W. Litzenberg, T. Matsuoka, A. G. R. Thomas, L. Willingale, V. Yanovsky, K. Krushelnick and A. Maksimchuk, “Generation of GeV protons from 1 PW laser interaction with near critical density targets,” Physics of Plasmas, 043105, 2010.

Dale W. Litzenberg, James M. Balter, Scott W. Hadley, Daniel A. Hamstra, Twyla R. Willoughby, Patrick A. Kupelian, Toufik Djemil, Arul Mahadevan, Shirish Jani, Geoffrey Weinstein, Timothy Solberg, Charles Enke, Lisa Levine, Howard M. Sandler, "Prostate Intrafraction Translation Margins for Real-Time Monitoring and Correction Strategies," Prostate Cancer, vol. 2012, Article ID 130579, 6 pages, 2012.

Dale Litzenberg, PhD, DABR, Clinical Assistant Professor

Phone (734) 936-4309
Fax (734) 936-7859
Mail University of Michigan Hospital and Health Systems
Department of Radiation Oncology
1500 East Medical Center Dr.
UH B2 C438, SPC 5010
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

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