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SoMetoolkitRisks to Health Care Professionals

What if a Patient requests you to “Friend” you?

As a UMHS employee, you are required to maintain a professional relationship with Patients/Families and research subjects.

“Friending” a patient, family member and/or research subject is strongly discouraged – this is especially true in the case of minor patients. Exception is made in cases where you already have an established friendship before he becomes a patient.

Information sharing by health care professionals through social networking may lead to or impact the course of malpractice litigation. Some examples of the risks are:

Other risks besides litigation exist.

You should be aware of these risks before proceeding with any interaction with patients via social media sites.

If you are or your department is contemplating an online social media interaction with patients, you must work with Public Relations & Marketing Communications. Fill out the online request form to begin this process.  

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