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Orthotics & Prosthetics: Personal Touch

Personal Touch Services

Our Personal Touch program provides services including our post mastectomy products described below, as well as gradient compression stockings and socks, some compressions require a prescription and we have a whole line of stockings and socks that do not. In addition, we carry a full line of off-the-shelf soft goods including slings, corsets, wrist splints and more. We now carry Crocs Rx Relief, Cloud and Silver Cloud shoes as well as the Crocs Rx diabetic socks. Call us at 734-973-2400 to make an appointment or click here for directions, we do take walk-ins.

Personal Touch carries breast forms, brassieres and post mastectomy swimwear. We offer a wide variety of brands, shapes, sizes and styles. Follow this link to our services page.

Breast Forms:

Breast Form

We offer Amoena, Airway and Camp breast forms. We believe in providing you with the best selection to provide a natural, comfortable fit. Our certified fitter will work with you to select the ideal breast from based on your surgery, body type and lifestyle.

Most insurance companies reimburse one breast form, with prescription, per year. Check with your health insurance plan prior to visiting our store.




Breast Form

We offer Amoena, Airway and Camp. Our products are not only comfortable, but also pretty.

Most insurance companies will reimburse you for two brassieres per year, with prescription.
Check with your health insurance plan prior to visiting our store.



Post Mastectomy Swimwear

Breast Form

We offer Airway and Camp mastectomy swimwear. Our selection is stylish, well constructed and purchased by non-breast surgery women 50% of the time! We think you will be pleased with the selection and fit.

Most insurance companies do not reimburse for post mastectomy swimwear.