Formulation to R.G.O. Bench Set-up
by Steve Cielinski, R.T.P.O.

Orthosis for a typical symmetrical person

  1. If applicable, make hip, knee, and ankle heights all the same.
  2. Move KAFO's in so that lateral proximal thigh wall lines up with lateral distal walls of the body jacket.
  3. Angle KAFO's out from mid-sagittal so that lateral ankle joints are a little bit wider that hip width. Keep in mind that when using an R.G.O. system, stance is a little wider that normal. Make symmetrical.
  4. Put 5 degree to 10 degree external rotation into each lateral hip spike. Make symmetrical.
  5. re-measure and make hip, knee, and ankle heights the same.
  6. If you have shoes, you may need to wedge soles to align T.K.A. T.K.A. centers shall run in a line at 90° to level floor.