Combination Rigid-Flexible W.H.O.
by Tom Legasse, R.T.P.O

Working with Flexible and Rigid Resin

80: 20 Acrylic (Black Pigment) = Rigid Resin

100 % Flexible Acrylic (White Pigment) = Flexible Resin

You need three 1/4 tubes to run resin through.

  1. If padding needed do over cast first.


  2. PVA Bag  
    Two layers of Ny glass Stockinette  
    One layer of Carbon Matting 4" (Volar Surface)
    One layer of Fiberglass Matting 3" (Volar Surface)
    One layer of Nyglass Stockinette  
    One layer of Carbon Matting 2" (Volar Surface)
    One layer of Fiberglass Matting 1 (Volar Surface)
    Two layers of Nyglass Stockinette  
    Two layers of Stretch Nylon Stockinette  
    P.V.A. Bag    


  3. Do front first with rigid resin. Then do both sides and bank with flexible resin. Place the three tubes inside of outer P.V.A. bag. Mix up resins in separate cups with pigment and catalyst, or hardener.

Step #1
Pour the rigid resin into tube, that directs the resin to front or volar surface of job. Totally saturate the front.

Step #2
Run or pour your flexible resin into the two remaining tubes. Totally saturate both sides and back.

When W.H.O. is done the front will be black-rigid, the sides will be a dark gray and the back will be a light gray-flexible. Then cut out and trim out and strap.