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Rehabilitation Engineering Program

The University of Michigan Rehabilitation Engineering Program (UMREP) is a division of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Michigan Health System.  The UMREP provides rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology services to patients and clients and conducts research in a variety of areas. Service and research are directed towards the application of engineering and technology to increase the functional capabilities and quality of life of people with disability.

UMREP provides services to patients and clients through the University of Michigan Hospital. There are 3 full time engineers working in provision of rehabilitation engineering and assistive technology services.   Rehabilitation engineering services are offered for adult and pediatric inpatients and outpatients in a variety of areas including: computer access, environmental control, augmentative communication, mounting systems, education, recreation, and vocational applications.

The clinical role of the engineers incorporates evaluation, design, and training to provide assistive devices and systems that fit the special needs of each person. This role includes multiple levels of involvement ranging from an appropriate "off the shelf" system, to modification of commercial approaches, to the design and development of custom systems. The staff work closely with physicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech pathologists, psychologists, nurses, educators, and other health professionals involved in rehabilitation.

The UMREP research and development efforts are an integral part of the program and focused on applications of engineering and technology for people with disability. Research efforts are currently focused on its main project: "University of Michigan Direct Brain Interface Project".