Croup Study 2
Volunteers Needed for Clinical Research Study: Recurrent Croup Study

Management of recurrent croup: comparison between inhaled fluticasone and oral prednisolone HUM00059385

Does your child suffer from repeated episodes of croup?
Does your patient have a history of recurrent croup?
If so, they could be eligible for participation in our clinical trial.

Croup is inflammation of the larynx and trachea found in children, associated with stridor or barking cough with respiratory distress.

This study is focused on determining the most effective way to treat children who suffer from recurrent croup by comparing responses to daily inhaled steroids (similar to what children with asthma use) and as needed only treatment with oral steroids (prednisolone) for a short course with recurring episodes.

Eligibility criteria: Children with recurrent croup ages 6 month to 15 years old.

In this study your child will have

  • A standard history and physical exam
  • An exam/assessment of his/her airway using a flexible camera under anesthesia (while asleep).
  • Random assignment to receive an FDA approved medication, fluticasone oral inhalation daily for 6 months or oral prednisolone on an as needed basis if croup symptoms occur, while you (parent/guardian) note how many episodes of croup your child experiences and how long they last.

For more information about participating in this study, contact:
Shana Lynn, Study Coordinator,, 734-763-2877