Nursing Student Clinical Placement


INSTRUCTORS - You are required to read and complete the following information

  1. The Point of Care Glucometer Testing competency is required for all undergraduate students who will be performing glucose testing in the clinical setting. In addition to completing the module in ACEMAPP, all students must complete a demonstration with their instructor. For UMSN students, this will likely be completed in the Skills Lab. Non-UM students will complete this on the unit with their instructor. A demo check-list for Accu-Check competency evaluation is provided for you to reference and does not need to be mailed back to Clinical Placement. ACCU-CHECK CHECKLIST

    Students will not receive barcode strips for performing glucose testing. Instead, students will type their 8 digit UMID number into the glucometer.

    Please complete the Point of Care Glucometer Demo with your students by the second week of the term.

  2. Instructor Contact Information: Please provide this form to your unit liaison on your first clinical day.

  3. MCard ID Form: Please print form a form for each student to take to the Key/ID Office on their first clinical day.

  4. MCard ID Badge Information

  5. Omnicell Information (Intranet/Employees only)

    Internal links; accessible via
    UMHS Network or VPN only:


    Login and registration to the medication cabinet.



  1. Institutional Requirement List
    All nursing students and clinical instructors must complete required learning activities prior to beginning a clinical practicum. Required learning activities include MiChart training and UMHS institutional requirements. These must be completed PRIOR to the clinical start date.

    • MiChart must be completed in our MLearning system (see information in #2. below).
    • All other UMHS institutional requirements must be completed in ACEMAPP. Please see information on the Instructor and Graduate Student pages of the website if you have a UMHS employee status.
  2. MiChart (UMHS EHR) and MLearning Information
    Training requirements, materials, and Learning Management System information.

  3. Parking Information at UMHS

  4. Safety and Security Reference Guide
    Helpful phone numbers.



  1. Access to Clinical Units

    Access to clinical units is meant to be on clinical days and times as planned in your curriculum. Should you need to return to the unit for other clinical purposes, this should be cleared with the corresponding clinical faculty for the course. If you are visiting someone on the unit, you need to request admittance to the unit using the visitation policy for that unit, including the standards for locked units. Please remember that issues related to HIPAA and safety as well as other considerations may be involved.

  2. Nursing Policies (Intranet/Employees only)
  3. Flu Vaccine Requirements

  4. Immunization Requirements



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