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Welcome to your clinical placement at the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS)! We hope the following information will guide you through the onboarding process.



It is an expectation that all instructors will read their UMHS Outlook
email weekly. Important updates and new information are communicated in this manner.

Please click on the steps below to read detailed information on the processes that must be followed to begin your clinical placement at UMHS.

Printable PDF - Start of Term Instructor Check List


Step 1          New Faculty Orientation
Clinical Instructors new to UMHS must complete a New Faculty Orientation session with Clinical Placement. Please email to arrange a time to complete your orientation in person or over the phone. Please plan on this taking approximately 30 minutes.
Step 2          Orient to Your Unit

A minimum of 2 weeks before the clinical placement begins, contact the unit nurse manager or student liaison to:

  1. Request an orientation to the unit.
    1. If you are new, anticipate this can be up to 3-4 days on the unit. You are considered "new to the unit" if you do not work on the unit or if you have never been an instructor with students on that unit. Please use the following orientation document to assist you: Core Unit Orientation for Faculty
    2. If you are an instructor returning to the same unit, plan to shadow for 3-4 hours to review unit changes. Please use the following orientation document to assist you: Update to Your Unit for Returning Faculty
    3. Please email for the contact information of the unit liaison who will assist in scheduling your unit orientation. Orientation with both Clinical Placement and the unit must be complete before students can begin their clinical practicum on the unit. There are no exceptions.
  2. Discuss with the manager or student liaison how student assignments on the unit will be determined and the time the students should arrive for patient report each clinical day.
  3. Provide a copy of the student expectations, course objectives, and course syllabus to the nurse manager or student liaison.
  4. At the end of each term, schedule a time to meet with the unit leadership to evaluate the placement experience.
Step 3          Computer Logins

All instructors and students with a clinical placement at University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) will be granted access to our computer systems based upon the placement location and the specifications of the instructor and student role within the health system.

Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) processes the access needed for all faculty and students. You will receive an email from  2-3 weeks prior to your clinical start date. This will be sent to the email address your school provided to us.  In the email from Identity Management, you will be given a link and step-by-step instructions to set your password(s).

If you are a UMHS employee, no change will occur to your username or passwords, but you will be granted access to any new systems required for your practicum (pending completion of any required training).

Omnicell medication cabinet: Level 2 passwords are used to access the Omnicell cabinet. As an instructor, you are given manager access to the Omnicell. A registering unit staff member will assist you with your Bio-ID (fingerprint) enrollment (if you do not currently have this) and you will then enroll your students. Please see the full instructions on the Resources tab.

Please be certain to validate username and password functionality before beginning clinical hours if you are new to UMHS. If there are any issues with IDs or passwords, please contact the Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) service desk at 734-936-8000.

Step 4          Complete Institutional Requirements

All clinical instructors in the inpatient/ICU setting must complete the unit RN MiChart training requirement. At a minimum, this will include 4 hours of eLearning modules in MLearning plus 18 hours of classroom training. If you are a UMSN instructor, please contact Kate Wood at to schedule your course. If you are a non-UM instructor, please contact April Stingo at to schedule your course.

  • Undergraduate students in the inpatient and ICU settings, ED, the PACUs and the Birth Center will complete eLearning modules in MLearning to satisfy their MiChart training requirement.
  • Undergraduate students at Michigan Home Care Services or in a Leadership placement will complete a View Only MiChart eLearning.

To access MLearning, go to and log in with your Username and Level 2 Password.

Institutional Requirements

Institutional requirements consist of a set of online learning activities required by regulatory agencies, such as the Joint Commission, or as required by UMHS policy. These must be completed in ACEMAPP unless you are a UMHS employee and have already completed them in MLearning. You will be asked to indicate your employee status in your ACEMAPP profile. Please be aware that some of the links in the ACEMAPP modules are to UMHS internal pages and cannot be accessed using an off-site computer. This will not interfere with completing the module or required test.

Please review the Institutional Requirement List to verify what must be completed. Your ability to begin clinical hours with your students may be delayed if all requirements are not complete prior to the clinical start date.

Step 5          Instructor MiChart Clinical Documentation Expectations

All documentation in the electronic health record is completed in MiChart. Access to MiChart is granted upon successful completion of all required eLearning, associated quizzes and classroom content if applicable.

Instructors are responsible for the following prior to the students’ clinical start date:

    1. To validate that all students have completed the MiChart eLearning and quiz requirements.
    2. To validate students can login to the application.
    3. To assist students with choosing their correct role upon login if they have dual accounts (i.e. function in both a student nurse and employee role). Students will receive instructions via email when the second account is created. Instructions can also be found on the MiChart website under: “MiChart Account Manager-For Users with Multiple Accounts” in the Tips and Training Resources Inpatient/Nursing section.

Instructors are responsible on an ongoing basis for the following

    1. To validate students can successfully navigate within the MiChart system.
    2. To provide support to students on the unit in MiChart application use.
    3. To monitor students for proper use and documentation.
    4. To ensure all student nurse medication administration is dual-signed by the instructor or mentor at the time of administration.
    5. To ensure all co-signatures for notes and flow sheets are completed prior to leaving for the clinical day.
    6. To support the students in trouble shooting issues.
      • For MiChart issues: contact the HITS Service Desk at 936-8000, option # 1.
      • For level 2 access issues: contact the HITS Service Desk at 936-8000, option #2.
      • Provide the MiChart website link when onsite:

It is the responsibility of the instructor to ensure that students are adequately prepared to meet clinical expectations prior to arrival to the unit. If you are uncertain of any requirements, training or new initiative expectations for your students, please contact Clinical Placement at or the unit representative.

Internal link; accessible via UMHS Network or VPN only:

Nursing Documentation website

Step 6          Make Certain Students Have Valid MCard ID Badge

Please see the Resources tab for specific instructions


PLEASE NOTE: Observational experiences can only be arranged through the UMHS Clinical Placement Office during the SON ACEMAPP placement request period. Individual instructors may not approach units to ask to bring students for observational experiences or visits.


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