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Protein Localization, Identiication and Folding Core

In Vivo Animal and Human Studies Core
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Molecular Biology Core

Microbiome and Metabolomics Core

In Vivo Small Animal Studies Program

The Center sets aside $10,000 per year to support Center investigators who wish to use the Michigan Small Animal Imaging Resource Center (MSAIR).  For a complete listing and description of the center’s modalities please visit the website at A cap of $1,000 subsidy per year per investigator will be offered to help offset expenses. All projects will first be reviewed by the In Vivo Studies Core Director, Dr. Owyang, or by the Associate Core Director, Dr. Kao. Priority will be given to pilot studies supported by the Center or NIDDK-funded studies.  After review by one of the Directors, the project will be presented to Amanda Welton, the MSAIR Core lab manager, for technical feasibility assessment and consultation with the submitting member for final study design. Ms. Welton oversees the efficient scheduling of users on the MR, MicroCT, and Bioluminescence systems and operating/overseeing experiments run on these instruments.  She will require each investigator complete a request for service form, which provides a project description and funding sources supporting the work. Accounting records of all transactions by Center members will be emailed to the administrator, Jeff Cole in monthly intervals who will review current projects and their account status with the Core Director, Dr. Owyang, and Ms. Welton, in bimonthly meetings to assure efficient use of Core resources.

Organoid/Enteroid Modeling Program

Training, protocols, and consultation are provided free to members and associate members.  Reagents (conditioned media) are provided at 100% discount to members and associate members up to the limit of the budget provided in the organoid/enteroid program. Once 100% of the budget has been used, members and associate members will pay the cost to produce the media. Nonmembers will not receive a discount and will pay an hourly rate for services and actual costs for conditioned media. Including reagents, time and quality control, this equals $0.50 per mL of conditioned media. Thus, a 50 mL aliquot of WNT3A media will cost $25.00. If users request ready-to-use, “Complete media”, the actual costs (including additional growth factors and small molecules as described12) equal $1.25 per milliliter ($75.00/50 mLs).

Clinical Studies Design and Statistics Program (CSDS)

As with all Center In Vivo Programs, the initial goal in our first 2 years of funding is to engage Center members by providing services at no or minimal cost. To enhance Center core services, we will pilot charging for certain types of service during years 3-4 of the grant cycle.

Biospecimen Banking Service

Similar fee structure as the Organoid/Enteroid Modeling Program (see above).  







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