Athletic Trainer Internships

In keeping with the University of Michigan Health System's commitment to education, MedSport offers several clinical internships for students pursuing a career in athletic training who have reached the senior level in their athletic training program.

Internships are customized to meet the educational requirements of students' corresponding institution, and attempt to meet personal educational interests. Our internships help prepare students to develop and grow as athletic trainers by working in direct patient care.

MedSport offers the unique opportunity to have direct access to our orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians. Interns will also interact with clinical athletic trainers in a rehabilitation setting and outreach athletic trainers in a high school setting. Within the clinic, students will also observe certified athletic trainers in other roles including: working with post-operative patients, working in the cast room, managing clinic flow for physicians and completing biomechanical analysis.

Students have access to MedSport's state-of-the-art facilities while becoming an integral part of the staff. Students assigned to MedSport may be located at any of our four regional locations. Each offers unique opportunities.


We have established affiliations with the following programs:

If you are interested in completing an internship with MedSport and there is already an established affiliation, please contact us a minimum of 8 weeks in advance.

If you are interested in completing an internship with MedSport and you need to establish a student affiliation, please contact us a minimum of 12 weeks in advance.

For more information about our program, please contact our athletic training internship coordinator Karen Engfehr, MS, AT, ATC at or by phone at 734-930-7400 or 877-877-9333.