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OoR Web Page
Application Due Dates, NIH Funding & Proposals
Associate Chairs for Research Connect to People & Training
Biological Sciences Scholars Program Connect to People & Training
Biomedical Research Core Facilities (BRCF) Managing a Research Operation
Blue Pages Managing a Research Operation
Bridging Support Program for Biomedical Research (BMRC) Funding & Proposals
Business Development, UMMS Results & Dissemination
Business Engagement Center, UM Results & Dissemination
Cancer Center Prostate SPORE Developmental Research Funding & Proposals
Center for Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics  
Clinical Research Calendar Review & Analysis Office (CRAO) Regulatory
Clinical Studies Managing a Research Operation
Clinical Trial Contracting, Industry Sponsored Managing a Research Operation Results & Dissemination
Committee Rosters Connect to People & Training
Communications Toolkit, Clinical Research Results & Dissemination
Communications DIY, UMHS Results & Dissemination
Compliance, UMHS Regulatory
Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics Funding Opportunities Funding & Proposals
Concur Managing a Research Operation
"Considering All the Costs: Budgeting Proposals for Medical School Faculty" Funding & Proposals
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OoR Web Page
Diabetes Research & Training Center  
Diversity Recruitment Connect to People & Training
Education Resources, Medical Innovation Center Connect to People & Training
Email Alert Groups Connect to People & Training
eRecruit Managing a Research Operation
eResearch Managing a Research Operation
eResearch Proposal Management Funding & Proposals
Extended Research Bridging Program for Instructional Track Faculty Funding & Proposals
Faculty Affairs Connect to People & Training
Faculty Research Profiles via SciVal Experts Training Managing a Research Operation
FAST TRACK Bridging Grant Program, Medical School Funding & Proposals
Federal Grants ( Funding & Proposals
Fellowship Proposal Sampler, NIH Funding & Proposals
Financial Operations Office Managing a Research Operation
Financial Operations Office, Sponsored Programs Funding & Proposals
Find Potential Collaborators (via SciVal Experts) Connect to People & Training
Forms & Applications, NIH Funding & Proposals
Freelance Proposal Editors List Funding & Proposals
Funding Opportunities Weekly, NIH Funding & Proposals
Funding Opportunities, Cancer Center Funding & Proposals
Funding Opportunities, Cardiovascular Center Funding & Proposals
Funding Opportunities, Foundation Directory Online (through Foundation Center) Funding & Proposals
Funding Opportunities, Genetics in Health & Medicine Funding & Proposals
Funding Opportunities, Global Reach Funding & Proposals
Funding Opportunities, Life Sciences Institute Funding & Proposals
Funding Opportunities, National Science Foundation Funding & Proposals
Funding Opportunities, Pivot (formerly Community of Science) Funding & Proposals
Funding Opportunities, Rackham Graduate School Funding & Proposals
Funding Opportunities, ScanGrants Funding & Proposals
Funding Opportunities, SPIN (Sponsored Program Information Network) Funding & Proposals
Funds for Research and Scholarship, OVPR Funding & Proposals
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OoR Web Page
Grant Proposal Sampler, UMMS Funding & Proposals
Grant Review & Analysis Office Funding & Proposals
Grant Review Process Videos, NIH Funding & Proposals
Grant Tutorials, NIH Funding & Proposals
Grant Writers' Seminars & Workshops Funding & Proposals
"Grant Writing for Tight Times" Funding & Proposals
Grant Writing Tips Sheet, NIH Funding & Proposals
Graphics Specialists (Freelance), Reference List of Funding & Proposals
Human Research Compliance Review, OVPR Regulatory
Human Resources, UMHS Managing a Research Operation
"Inserting Images into Grant Applications" Funding & Proposals
IRBMED Regulatory
Job Postings Connect to People & Training
Laboratory Animal Medicine, Unit for (ULAM) Managing a Research Operation
Leadership Development, UMHS Connect to People & Training
Legal Office, UMHS Regulatory
Letters of Support / Commitment Funding & Proposals
Limited Submissions, ORSP (formerly DRDA) Funding & Proposals
Listservs, UMMS Office of Research Managing a Research Operation
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OoR Web Page
M-ACE (Appointment, Credentialing, and Enrollment) Connect to People & Training
M-Cores Search Managing a Research Operation
M-Learning Connect to People & Training
M-Marketsite Managing a Research Operation
M-Pathways Overview Managing a Research Operation
M-Reports Managing a Research Operation
M-Train Connect to People & Training
Marketing & Design, UM Results & Dissemination
Medical Scientist Training Program Connect to People & Training
Metabolomics & Obesity Center  
Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Resources (MICHR) Managing a Research Operation
MICHR Education & Mentoring Connect to People & Training
Molecular and Clinical Epidemiology Post Doctoral Fellowships Funding & Proposals
Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine & Biological Sciences  
New Faculty Orientation Connect to People & Training
Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) (formerly the Division of Research Development and Administration - DRDA) Funding & Proposals
Office of the Dean Connect to People & Training
Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) Connect to People & Training
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OoR Web Page
Pilot Feasibility Projects, Gastrointestinal Peptide Research Center Funding & Proposals
Pilot Grant Program, MICHR Funding & Proposals
Pilot Grants Program, Diabetes Research & Training Center Funding & Proposals
Pilot Grants Program, Geriatric Center Funding & Proposals
Pilot Grant Program, Renal Core Center Funding & Proposals
Pilot/Feasibility Study Grant Program, Metabolomics & Obesity Center Funding & Proposals
Pilot Projects, Alzheimer's Disease Research Center Funding & Proposals
Policies and Fees, Grant Review & Analysis Office Regulatory
Policies and Research Responsibility, ORSP (formerly DRDA) Regulatory
Poster Printing Service, UM Cell & Developmental Biology Results & Dissemination
Poster Resources, Michigan Multimedia Results & Dissemination
Poster Shop at Groundworks, Duderstadt Center Results & Dissemination
Print Copy Mail, UM Results & Dissemination
Printing, Campus Computing Sites Results & Dissemination
Procurement Services Managing a Research Operation
Program for Education and Evaluation in Responsible Research and Scholarship (PEERRS) Connect to People & Training
Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS) Connect to People & Training
Promotion & Tenure: Strategies for Success Connect to People & Training
Proposal and Project Forms, UM Funding & Proposals
Proposal Checklist, UMMS Funding & Proposals
Proposal Data, Frequently Required Funding & Proposals
Proposal Preparation and Submission, ORSP (formerly DRDA) Funding & Proposals
Proposal Preparation Funding Program Funding & Proposals
Proposal Preparation, UMMS Helpful Hints Funding & Proposals
Proposal Routing, UMMS Funding & Proposals
Proposal Writer's Guide Funding & Proposals
Proposal Writing Short Course, Foundation Center Funding & Proposals
Prospective Faculty Connect to People & Training
Public Access Policy, NIH Regulatory
Public Relations & Marketing Communications, UMHS Results & Dissemination
Publishing Services, Health Sciences Results & Dissemination
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OoR Web Page
R01 Tool Kit, NIH Funding & Proposals
Recognition Awards Connect to People & Training
Regulatory Affairs, UMMS Regulatory
Regulatory Management, eResearch Regulatory
Regulatory Resources, UMMS Regulatory
Regulatory Support, MICHR Regulatory
Research Excellence, League of Connect to People & Training
Research Integrity, Office of Regulatory
Research Management Services, MICHR Managing a Research Operation
Research News, UMMS Connect to People & Training
Researchpalooza (Annual Event) Connect to People & Training
Resource Profiles, UMMS Funding & Proposals
Sharing Work On Campus Results & Dissemination
Space - Request, Loan, or Trade Medical School and NCRC Research Space Managing a Research Operation
Strategic Vendor Contracts Managing a Research Operation
Study Coordinators, Virtual Home for Managing a Research Operation
Teaching & Technology Collaborative Connect to People & Training
Tech Transfer, UM Results & Dissemination
Training Grant Preparation Application Funding & Proposals
University Committee on Use and Care of Animals (UCUCA) Regulatory
Workshops & Training, ORSP (formerly DRDA) Connect to People & Training

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