Eligibility & Enrollment

The program is open to those postdoctoral fellows (M.D., M.D./Ph.D. or Ph.D.) who have elected to spend a minimum of two years in a research laboratory. Because of the program's design (i.e., active trainees participation in both the classroom and laboratory), no more than 15 fellows can be accommodated per session. Thus, individuals are selected on the basis of letters of recommendation from a nominating department chair or division head.

How to Enroll

Every year in April a memo is sent to all chiefs and chairs in the Medical School announcing the dates for the Postdoctoral Research Training Program. To enroll, contact your chief/chair and let him/her know of your interest in participating in the program. There are no forms to complete. Your chief/chair will write a letter of support, attach your CV and send both to Stephen J. Weiss, M.D., 5000 LSI/2216. The $7,500 fee is paid by your department/division by a short code – usually from an NIH training grant. Upon receipt of your support letter by Dr. Weiss, you will be contacted by his office as to the day, time and location of the first class.

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