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Dr. Margaret R. Gyetko
Dr. Margaret R. Gyetko, Sr. Associate Dean for Faculty & Faculty Development

The University of Michigan Medical School began in the year 1850 with five faculty, 90 students and five physicians seeking additional training. Currently, we have approximately 2,250 faculty teaching 706 medical students, 1,087 interns and residents, 545 graduate students and 611 postdoctoral fellows, as well as other groups of learners.

We offer three faculty tracks: Instructional Track (837); Research Track (324); and Clinical Track (807). Additionally, we have 275 clinical lecturers/lecturers.

Faculty lead research efforts in a broad scope of basic and clinical science areas. Medical School faculty participate in the education of medical students, graduate students, residents and post-doctoral fellows, as well as University of Michigan undergraduate students.

In addition to their work in research and education, faculty in clinical departments provide inpatient and outpatient care within the U-M Health System which includes three major hospitals and multiple health centers and outpatient clinics. The Health System experiences 1.68 million outpatient visits and 43,000 inpatient stays annually.

Contractual Terms of Employment

The terms of your employment at the University of Michigan are set forth in the offer letter you received from your Department and are incorporated with the terms set forth in this section of this Web site.

Your employment at the University of Michigan is governed by the university's policies and procedures, which may change from time to time in accordance with changes to university procedures.


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