The Promotion Package

Beginning in 2014, all promotion packets are uploaded in the MARTA application. Contact to request access.

Please bear with us as we transition to our new website. Updates to the Promotion Package are here, until the launch of our new website:

Updates to the Promotion Package as of 2013

  1. The Promotion Process - Overview for Department and Candidate (THIS IS UP TO DATE WITH MARTA)

  2. The Promotion Package (a document to be given to chairs)

  3. Tenure in the Medical School

  4. The Interdisciplinary Dilemma

  5. Promotion Packet Checklist

Appendix A - Guidelines for Completing Promotion and Tenure

Appendix B - Career Development Plan

Appendix C - CV Guidelines

Appendix D - Bibliographic Notes

Appendix E - Solicitation Letter (to external evaluators)

Appendix F - List of External Reviewers

Appendix G - Educator's Portfolio

Appendix H - Faculty Tracks Definition/Ranks/Criteria

Appendix I - Miscellaneous Information
a) Qualifications for appointment and promotion in the several faculties of the University

b) Promotion Do's and Don'ts

Appendix J - Faculty Promotion Chart

Appendix K - Guidance on the Teaching/Mentoring Criteria for the Research Professor Track

Appendix L - Bridging Support