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The University of Michigan Medical School

The University of Michigan Medical School

CONTENTS A Message from the Dean ......................................................................................................... Our Application Process.............................................................................................................. Our Curriculum ............................................................................................................................ Expand Your Education ................................................................

Why Michigan Medical school is the first step in your lifelong professional journey. Where you decide to apply is not only about where youll spend the next four years in medical school, but where you want to be 20 years from now. Its about the foundation you establish and how prepared you will be for residency and beyond. Michigan students are some of the most sought after students for residency programs in the country. Residency program directors know our students not only have a solid fundamen

The decision to pursue medical school is something you should feel in your bones. There is something drawing you to a career in medicine, and we look forward to exploring that with you. Everything we do at Michigan is centered on excellence education, patient care, research. We approach each applicant as an individual, looking at credentials as well as the whole person and what they can offer to their fellow classmates. We strive for diversity in all its forms. This approach makes for more inter

OUR APPLICATION PROCESS The goal of Admissions at Michigan is to recruit the best students. We invest a lot of time and effort in shaping each incoming class. We expect that our students are just as selective in choosing us. Our application process is transparent so you know where you stand at all times. Your personalized web page is created after your secondary application is reviewed. This is where you can check the status of your application 247. An invitation to interview at the University

Andrew Latimer Katy, Texas University of Washington in Seattle The transparency in the admissions process actually had a pretty substantial impact on my attending UM. The application process at many other medical schools takes on a sort of elitist feeling and makes the students who apply feel like they would be lucky if they are chosen to be admitted. UM takes the complete opposite approach. I felt like I knew when it was likely that my file would come up in a meeting and when to expect to hear

OUR CURRICULUM From the White Coat Ceremony through Residency Match Day, your medical school journey is filled with new and challenging work. Our curriculum is designed to help you succeed. We want you to remember what you learn and know how to use it. This drives how material is presented and when. The body of knowledge you will acquire is great, but even greater is what you can do with it. Your medical education begins and ends with patient care. While you learn about cells, tissues, organ sy

Casey B. White, PhD Assistant Dean for Medical Education Assistant Professor of Medical Education The focus of our curriculum is to help students develop as compassionate, autonomous professionals. We look at student development as a longitudinal process and place increasing responsibility for their learning on them as well as their peers. From selfevaluations to peer interaction, to the way the sequences are structured, the primary aim is to increase information retention while developing criti

EXPAND YOUR EDUCATION Dual degrees help you make the most of your education. You have the option to incorporate other areas of interest that will bring you closer to the career of your dreams. Our program offers the flexibility and support needed to combine your medical school curriculum with additional courses or a degree in another field. You may choose to pursue a dual degree in the following areas MDMaster of Public Health MPH MDMaster of Business Administration MBA Medical Scientist Tra

Darren Morris, MDMBA Candidate Rockville, Maryland Harvard University It was during the med school admissions process that I decided to pursue an MDMBA dual degree. I wanted to have a larger impact on the practice of medicine beyond caring for my own patients. The opportunity to attend a topfive business school on the same campus as a great medical school was a major reason why I chose Michigan. Im focusing my business studies on hospital operations, with a particular emphasis on emergency depa

FLEXIBLE LEARNING Technology makes a lot of things possible at Michigan. One is flexibility. Capitalizing on technical resources to our full advantage helps to accommodate all learning styles, lifestyles and schedules for both students and faculty. You will have the freedom to make choices in your best interest. Students have the benefit of checking email at an express station, streaming a lecture from home in a spedup or sloweddown format, and downloading a lecture to an iPod for the road. Mos

Abdulrahman ElSayed, MDPhD Candidate Bloomfield Hills, Michigan University of Michigan 2009 Rhodes Scholar The students at Michigan are a big part of what make the med school experience so amazing. The random talents and experiences that people in my class have are unrealfrom carving a perfect visage of President Obama into a pumpkin to writing an introspective novel to volunteering for a year in Darfur Sudan, my classmates have done some really compelling things. Learning with and among these

PASSING ON PASSION We want the best students to come to Michigan. Thats why we hire the best doctors to teach at Michigan. Still inspired after years of experience, our faculty and lecturers are not only your teachers, they become your mentors, advisors and, someday, colleagues. Students have complete access to faculty and lecturers. They hold students in the highest regard and truly value their insight and contribution, whether in the classroom, lab or hospital. Even more important is the crit

Thomas R. Gest, PhD Associate Professor of Anatomy The thing that brings me here every day is working with the students that we have. I have met some of the brightest people in the world at the University of Michigan. Its a pleasure to train these people because you can see the greatness that theyre developing and the fact that theyll go on to be leaders in medicine around the world. I chose to teach because I had an excellent mentor during my graduate training. His philosophy was to take one st

HEALTHY SERVING Whether you have an interest in international health or domestic populations, there are many ways to get involved and serve throughout your four years. A common thread that relates Michigan medical students to one another is a drive to help others, especially those who would not otherwise have access to the best medical care and treatments. The administration, faculty and student body are committed to keeping these opportunities abundant and accessible, as they make for better d

On the Home Front Experience is the best teacher, and community service is a great way to get it around Ann Arbor and the U.S. Our students get involved by volunteering in free clinics, fundraising activities, and working with the underserved. In your fourth year, you may also choose an elective that is directly related to these interests. You will not only find this work to be rewarding, but also an ideal way to meet others, learn more about your field and start building a network. Lindsay Ham

PREPARING FOR YOUR CAREER Medical school is really the first step in your career in medicine. Choosing where to go is as important as how well you do once you arrive. Michigan has a solid reputation as one of the leading providers of medical education. We work diligently to help you prepare for what the life of a doctor or researcher is really like. Residency directors honor our efforts with high rankings. Our graduates come back and thank us for them. Our Office of Student Programs is filled w

Alexandra Kejner Olney, Maryland Wake Forest University As an M4, we have overnight callwhich makes a big difference. Additionally, we are given progressive autonomy. By the end of my M3 year, I felt like I could be a fairly competent intern. Management of the patients becomes like breathing because we are given independence early on in our medical education, but slowly enough to make it comfortable. Fellow students who have gone to other schools for rotations feel that they were more than wel

WHERE YOULL STUDY Patients, doctors and researchers come from all over the world to the University of Michigan Health System. As a student, you will have full access to the Medical School campus and greater Health System, in addition to the many topranked schools throughout the rest of the University. The Medical School and three University hospitals encompassing 30 buildings over 84 acres, make up the University of Michigan Medical Center. It is one of the largest singlesite medical centers i

Carmen R. Green, MD Professor, Anesthesiology Associate Professor, Health Management and Policy I became interested in pain management to be a complete physician. I originally thought about specializing in family medicine, psychiatry or internal medicine, but then I met an anesthesiologist who was providing pain management and suddenly things clicked for me. I found my calling. To be a complete pain medicine physician you must look at the entire patient including their social, physical and emoti

PLAY HARD We want you to have a life outside of medical school. This makes for a wellrounded physician. It also helps you relate to your patients person to person. Our curriculum is structured so that you will have time to put down the stethoscope and books and step out with fellow students, friends and family. The University of Michigan is home to many top graduate schools, so you will have a chance to mingle with other graduate students from diverse studies like law, public policy and busines

Annelie Ott Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan I have my own little family here with my husband and threeyearold son. The med school curriculum, flexible exams and the lecture videos afford me more flexibility than I even utilize. For example, my sons daycare is closed on Fridays and usually my husband takes care of him that day, but if my husband has to go to work I can stay home and later watch the lectures over the Internet. The flexible exams also allow me to arrange family plans an

LIFE IN ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor offers a large slice of cosmopolitan life, brimming with cultural and ethnic diversity. Like other cities known for their intellectual capital, Ann Arbor has its own unique personality that adds another dimension to the whole medical school experience. Ann Arbor ranks among the top 5 metropolitan areas in the United States. Cities Ranked and Rated, 2007 Almost half of Ann Arbors population is single, ranking it 15 as a city with the Most Singles. Money magazines Be

This place has a great balance between comfortable town life and exciting bigcity opportunities. There are plenty of places to eat out, lots of concerts to go to, and many sports to watch or play, but not so many as to be distracting. I appreciate the chance to be more academically focused in Ann Arbor than I would be if living in a big city like L.A.. Im also excited about the music scene in just a few months here Ive seen a couple of my favorite hiphop groups that I wasnt even able to catch in

For more information about the University of Michigan Medical School Call Executive Officers of the University of Michigan Health System Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, M.D., Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs James O. Woolliscroft, M.D., Dean, UM Medical School Douglas Strong, Chief Executive Officer, UM Hospitals and Health Centers Kathleen Potempa, Dean, School of Nursing. The Regents of the University of Michigan 734 7646317 Email Julia Donovan Darlow, Ann Arbor Laurence B. Deitch, Bingha

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