Learning Health Sciences Scholars Program (MESP)

2014-2015 Application Deadline May 5, 2014

The Medical Education Scholars Program is an internationally acclaimed annual program established in 1998 by the Department of Learning Health Sciences at the University of Michigan Medical School. The program is designed for medical school faculty and a limited number of fellows to develop as leaders in medical education. Skills empahsized include educational leadership, teaching and scholarship.

Program Schedule

MESP is a 10-month program (September-June) in which Scholars attend 1/2 day sessions each Tuesday afternoon (1:00 pm - 4:30 pm). Departmental Chairs are expected to provide weekly 1/2 day release for the Scholars. The curriculum includes four major components:

Program Components

  1. Formal Curriculum of Guided Study
    The formal weekly Tuesday afternoon seminars cover educational theory, application, and research. University of Michigan Faculty and visiting faculty with expertise in educational leadership and research conduct these weekly sessions. Sessions are designed to be interactive, supported by readings and application exercises. The following is the core set of curriculum topics, with a few examples of specific sessions:

  2. Teaching and Learning
    - Strategies for Effective and Efficient Teaching in Clinic
    - Teaching and Presenting in Large Groups

    - The Nature & Nurture of Expertise
    - The Role of Motivation

    Educational Assessment
    - Assessing the Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Practice of Learners and Teachers
    - Recommended methods of Assessment in Health Professions Training Programs

    Academic Leadership
    - Building a Career in Health Professions Education
    - Organizational Change
    - Publishing in Medical Education Research

    Research Methods
    - Planning a Study: Educational Research Methods
    - Survey Design

  3. Consultants and Visiting Faculty
    The Scholars have access to educational experts who serve as consultants to guide the Scholars through the program and advise and assist them with their educational projects when needed. The consultants include educational experts from the University of Michigan as well as visiting faculty from outside the University of Michigan.

  4. Individual Project
    Scholars will identify an issue in education relevant to their interests and activities and develop a related project. This project will provide the scholar with an opportunity to apply the principles, skills, and methods acquired in the program and develop a scholarly approach to educational research and development. Illustrative projects from previous scholars include the development and evaluation of computer based instruction, curriculum development in various topics, and needs assessment of educational issues. It is expected that completed projects will be presented at regional or national educational meetings.

  5. Peer Group of Scholars
    Approximately ten scholars will be admitted to MESP. The scholar cohort will share formal learning sessions, small group approaches to learning, and interaction and collaboration with program peers on educational issues and projects.

Please see the brochure for details on how to apply.

Alumni (PDF)

Brochure (PDF)

Contact: Patricia Mullan, PhD