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Michigan Center for Diabetes Translational Research Membership

MemberTitle at InstitutionDepartmentInterest
James E. Aikens, PhDAssociate Professor, Assistant ProfessorFamily Medicine, PsychiatryDiabetes, self-management, depression
Lawrence C. An, MDAssociate Professor Internal Medicine/General MedDiabetes, self-management, tailored messaging
Keiko AsaoME, MD, MPH, PhDAssistant Professor University of Tennessee, Preventative MedicineDiabetes, obesity, epidemiology
Robert M. Anderson , EdDProfessorMedical EducationPatient empowerment, health behavior & psychosocial issues
Neal BarnardE, MDPresident/Founder and Adjunct Clinical ProfessorPhysicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and George Washington UniversityDiabetes, nutrition, and behavioral interventions
Steven J. Bernstein, MD, MPHProfessorInternal Medicine/General MedDiabetes, quality improvement, implementation
Caroline S. BlaumE, MDDirector Division of Geriatrics New York UniversityDiabetes, aging, disability
John M. BoltriE, MDChair, Department of Family and Community MedicineNortheast Ohio Medical UniversityCollaborative relationships among multi-disciplinary groups to improve community health
Wenche Borgnakke, DDS, MPH, PhDAdjunct Clinical ProfessorSchool of DentistryOral-systemic health associations, periodontitis-diabetes links, oral microbiome
Robert Brook, MDAssociate ProfessorInternal Medicine-Division of Cardiovascular MedicineMetabolic syndrome; dyslipidemia; hypertension; air pollution; insulin resistance
Morton B. Brown, PhDProfessorBiostatistics Department, School Public HealthDiabetes, disease modeling, costs, quality of life
Charles Burant, MD, PhDProfessor, Robert C. and Veronica Atkins Professor of MetabolismInternal Medicine/MEND & Molecular & Integrative PhysiologyDiabetes, prevention, obesity
Brian Callaghan, MD, MSAssistant ProfessorNeurologyMetabolic syndrome, neuropathy, diabetic complications
Denise Charron-ProchownikE, PhD, RN, CPNP, FAANProfessorUniversity of Pittsburg, School of NursingReproductive health/preconception counseling, adolescent women, information technology
Lena Chen, MD, MSClinical LecturerInternal Medicine/General MedQuality measurement and improvement, costs of care
William D. CorserME, PhD, RN, NEA-BCResearch SpecialistInstitute for Health Care Studies, College of Human Medicine, Michigan State UniversityDiabetes health outcomes, health information technologies, diabetes care for Medicaid beneficiaries
Marisa Cristina EisenbergM, PhDAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Epidemiology, School of Public HealthHormone regulation, metabolism, chronic disease, mathematical modeling
Angela T. FagerlinM, PhDAssociate ProfessorInternal Medicine/General MedDiabetes patient education, decision making
Stefan S. Fajans, MDProfessor EmeritusInternal Medicine/MENDType 2 diabetes, genetics of diabetes, MODY
Eva Feldman, MD, PhDRussell N. DeJong professor of Neurology, Director of the Taubman Institute, Director of the Program for Research & DiscoveryNeurologyDiabetic neuropathy; insulin-like growth factors; neuromuscular diseases
James T. Fitzgerald, PhDAssociate ProfessorMedical EducationDiabetes, evaluation, attitudes and perceptions
Gary L. Freed, MD, MPHPercy & Mary Murphy Professor of Pediatrics and Child Health DeliveryPediatrics and Communicable DiseaseQuality measure development, Workforce, Medicaid
Martha M. Funnell, MS, RN, CDEAssociate Research Scientist, Adjunct LecturerMedical Education, School of NursingDiabetes patient education and empowerment, chronic illness case management, peer support in diabetes
Thomas W. Gardner, MD ProfessorOphthalmology Diabetic retinopathy; mechanisms of disease and treatment
Roma Y. Gianchandani, MBBSAssistant ProfessorInternal Medicine/MENDDiabetes, hospital diabetes management, quality of care
Jeffrey B. Halter, MDProfessor of Internal Medicine, Chief, Division of Geriatric Medicine, Director, Geriatrics Center and Institute of GerontologyInternal Medicine/GeriatricsDiabetes in elderly people, aging and insulin secretion, metabolic effects of weight loss
Kristen Harris-NwanyanwuE, MD, MBAPhysicianPrivate PracticeAccess to care, health disparities, diabetic retinopathy
Megan Haymart, MDAssistant ProfessorInternal Medicine/MENDThyroid, outcomes and cancer care
Rodney A. Hayward, MDProfessor, Director Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars ProgramInternal Medicine/General Med & Health Management and Policydiabetes, quality management and improvement
Mary Ellen M. Heisler, MD, MPAAssociate ProfessorInternal Medicine/General MedDiabetes self-management, community-based participatory research, interventions
William H. Herman, MD, MPHProfessor, Stefan S. Fajans/Glaxo Smith Kline Professor of DiabetesInternal Medicine/MEND & Epidemiology Diabetes, health services research, clinical economics
Denise HersheyE, PhDAssistant ProfessorMichigan State University, School of NursingDiabetes, quality of life, self-management
Israel HodishM, MDAssistant ProfessorInternal Medicine/MENDDiabetes, insulin therapy, delivery of care
Timothy P. Hofer, MDAssociate ProfessorInternal Medicine/General MedDiabetes, quality management and improvement
Crystal Holmes, DPMAssistant ProfessorInternal Medicine-MENDDiabetic foot management and treatment, wound healing, charcot neuroarthropathy
Jodi S. HoltropE, PhDAssociate Professor and Associate Vice Chair for Research University of Colorado, Family MedicineDiabetes self-management, diabetes prevention, obesity, primary care
Edward A. Hurvitz, MDAssociate Professor and Chair James Rae Collegiate ProfessorPhysical Medicine and RehabObesity, disability
David Hutton, PhDAssistant Professor of Health Management and PolicySchool of Public HealthCost-effectiveness, global health, patient decision-making, patient education, mathematical modeling
Mahmoud IbrahimE, MDDirector/PhysicianDirector, EDC, Center for Diabetes Education, McDonough, GADiabetes education, diabetes clinical research, diabetes epidemiology in the Arab countries
Barbara A. Israel, DrPHProfessor Health Behavior & Health Education, School of Public HealthSocial and behavioral determinants of diabetes, reduction of risk factors associated with diabetes, community-based participatory research
Theodore J. Iwashyna , MD, PhDAssistant ProfessorInternal Medicine/Pulmonary- Critical CareOrganization of critical care services to provide high quality and value; medical education; health services research
Linda JaberE, Pharm DAssociate ProfessorSchool of Pharmacy, Wayne State UniversityDiabetes and prediabetes, diabetes prevention
James S. Jackson, PhDDirector, Institute for Social Research, ProfessorHealth Behavior & Health Education Diabetes, translating health interventions and behavioral approaches into community health care settings
Mary R. Janevic, PhDAssistant Research ScientistHealth Behavior & Health EducationDiabetes and physical activity; diabetes self-management; family support for diabetes management
Kenneth A. Jamerson, MDProfessorInternal Medicine/HypertensionHypertensive nephropathy, insulin resistance in hypertension
Toby E. JayaratneM, PhDAssistant Research ScientistHealth Behavior & Health Education, School of Public HealthType 2 diabetes, lay public's causal explanations, attitudes about prevention, and preventive behaviors
Eve A. Kerr, MD, MPHAssociate Professor, Director, HSR&D Center for Clinical Management ResearchInternal Medicine/Gen MedicineQuality of care, challenges of providing care to patients with multiple chronic conditions
Edith C. Kieffer, MPH, PhDAssociate ProfessorSchool of Social WorkDiabetes, heath disparities, pregnancy
Catherine Kim, MD, MPHAssociate ProfessorInternal Medicine/General Med & Obstetrics & GynecologyDiabetes, women’s reproductive health
Sarah L. Krein, PhD, RNResearch Assistant ProfessorInternal Medicine/General MedDiabetes, quality improvement and implementation
Jeffery T. KullgrenM, MD, MS, MPHAssistant Professor Internal Medicine/General MedPrevention of diabetes, health promotion, behavioral economics
Laurie LaChance, PhD, MPHAssociate Research ScientistSchool of Public Healthchronic disease management, community-based approaches to evaluation, health disparities, behaviors related to diet and nutrition
Robert W. Lash, MDAssociate ProfessorInternal Medicine/MENDDiabetes in pregnancy, diabetes education, inpatient management of diabetes
Joyce M. LeeM, MDAssistant ProfessorPediatric EndocrinologyDiabetes, childhood obesity, mobile technology
Pearl G. LeeM, MDClinical LecturerInternal Medicine/General MedDiabetes and prediabetes, lifestyle interventions, co-morbidities, disabilities, aging
Julie Lumeng, MDAssistant ProfessorPediatricsChildhood obesity, stress, and eating behaviors
Donna Jean Marvicsin , PhDClinical Assistant ProfessorSchool of NursingMaternal diabetes management behaviors and child metabolic control
Rafael MezaM, PhDAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Epidemiology, School of Public HealthDiabetes in Mexico, modeling of public health interventions, chronic disease modeling
Lewis Morgenstern, MDProfessor Neurology, Neurosurgery, Emergency Medicine, & EpidemiologyDiabetes, disparities, stroke, Hispanics/Latinos
Michael Munson, DPMClinical InstructorInternal Medicine/MENDdiabetic peripheral neuropathy, diabetic lower extremity complications, diabetic limb salvage
Susan Murphy, SCDAssistant ProfessorPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationDiabetes, behavioral interventions, and disability prevention
David C. Musch, PhDProfessor of Ophthalmology Associate Research Scientist Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, EpidemiologyOcular complications of diabetes, epidemiology, quality of life
Harold Neighbors, PhDProfessorSchool of Public HealthMental health, oral health, racial disparities, men's health, lifestyle
Akinlolu O. Ojo, MD, PhDProfessor of Medicine, Florence E. Bingham Professor of NephrologyInternal Medicine/ NephrologyPharmacotherapy of hypertensive and diabetic renal disease
Elif Oral, MDAssistant Professor of MedicineInternal Medicine/MENDInsulin resistance, obesity, lipid disorders, type 2 diabetes
Sung Kyun Park, MPH, ScDResearch Assistant ProfessorEnvironmental Health SciencesDiabetes, environment, and gene-environment interactions
Minal Ravindra Patel, PhDAssistant ProfessorHealth Behavior and Health Education, School of Public HealthSocioeconomic barriers and concerns with chronic disease self-management; management of multiple chronic conditions; patient-clinician behavior, education, and communication; self-management tools; care coordination.
Cora PetersonE, PhDHealth EconomistCenter for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Economic evaluation, cost analysis, public health
Myria Petrou, MB, ChBAssistant ProfessorRadiologyDiabetes, neuropathy, cognitive decline
Gretchen A. PiattM, MD, MPHAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Medical Education, Department of Health Behavior & Health Education, School of Public HealthDiabetes, health care delivery, behavioral and psychological aspects of diabetes prevention and management, community interventions
Massimo T. Pietropaolo, MDProfessorInternal Medicine/MEND & PediatricsIslet cell autoimmunity in type 2 diabetes
John D. Piette, PhDProfessorInternal Medicine/General MedChronic disease management, self-management support, telehealth, mobile health
NicoleE, R. PinelliM, PharMD, MS, CDEClinical Assistant ProfessorPharmacy, University of North CarolinaDiabetes, prevention and management
Rodica Pop-Busui, MD, PhDAssociate ProfessorInternal Medicine/MENDDiabetes, diabetes complications, clinical trials
Friedrich K. PortE, MD, MSVice-President Arbor Research Collaborative for HealthArbor Research Collaborative for HealthDiabetic renal disease, optimizing treatment with dialysis and transplantation, new onset diabetes after transplantation
Lisa A. Prosser, PhDResearch Associate Professor Pediatrics and Communicable Disease & Health Management and Policy, SPHDiabetes, cost-effectiveness, health utility measurement methods
Caroline R. Richardson, MDAssociate Professor, Research Scientist Family Medicine, VA HSR&DPhysical activity, diabetes prevention, translational research
James Richardson, MDProfessorPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGait and balance, accidental falls, neuropathy
Ann-Marie RoslandM, MDAssistant ProfessorInternal Medicine/General MedDiabetes, self-management, clinical interventions
Amy Rothberg, MDClinical Assistant ProfessorInternal Medicine-MENDObesity, metabolism, diabetes
Carolyn Sampselle, PhD, AND, FAANProfessor, Carolyn K. Davis Collegiate Professor of Nursing School of Nursing, Obstetrics and GynecologyCommunity engaged research, translational science
Aruna V. SarmaM, PhD, MHAResearch Associate ProfessorUrology & EpidemiologyDiabetes, lower urinary tract dysfunction, urological complications
Megha Shah, MDResearch Fellow Clinical LecturerRWJF Clinical Scholars, Family MedicineCommunity health workers, chronic disease management, community-based participatory research
Yolanda R. Smith, MDAssociate Professor and Research Assistant Professor Obstetrics & Gynecology, Reproductive Science ProgramPolycystic ovary syndrome, insulin resistance, neuroendocrinology
MinkYoung SongM, PhDSuzanne Bellinger- Feetham Professor of Nursing, Assistant Professor of Nursing School of NursingDiabetes, physical activity, community/population- based research
Michael S. Spencer, PhDAssociate ProfessorSchool of Social WorkDiabetes, cost- effectiveness, community health workers, disparities
Joshua D. SteinM, MDAssistant ProfessorOphthalmologyDiabetic retinopathy, health services research, cost-effectiveness analyses
Heather StuckeyE, DEdAssistant Professor Internal Medicine and Public Health Sciences, Pennsylvania State UniversityDiabetes self-management, positive modeling, motivations to change and turning points
Jeremy B. Sussman, MD, MSClinical Lecturer and Research FellowInternal Medicine/General MedDevelopment, testing, and implementation of tools for personalized medical decision-making
Meng H. Tan, MDClinical Professor Internal Medicine/MENDDiabetes, registries and clinical trials
Tricia S. TangE, PhDAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Medicine, Endocrinology & Metabolism, University of British Columbia-VancouverDiabetes prevention, diabetes self-management, peer support, racial and ethnic health disparities
George W. TaylorE, DMD,MPH, DrPHProfessorUCSF School of DentistryGlycemic control, diabetes complications, periodontal infection
Melissa A. ValerioE, PhDAssociate Professor University of Texas, School of Public HealthDiabetes, health literacy and self-management
Sandeep Vijan, MDAssociate ProfessorInternal Medicine/General MedRisk modeling, decision making, quality measurement
James Wrobel, DPMAssociate ProfessorInternal Medicine/MENDHealth services and clinical research in the diabetic foot, value compass and microsystem quality of care models, biomechanics of the foot and ankle
Wen Ye, PhDResearch Assistant Professor and Adjunct Assistant Professor in BiostatisticsBiostatistics Department, School of Public HealthDisease modeling for diabetes, clinical trial design, longitudinal study design and analysis
Peng ZhangM, PhDResearch Assistant ProfessorDepartment of SurgeryDiabetes, individualized medical decision, analytic morphomics.

M  MCDTR Mentee
E  External member