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With the increased use of electronic communication within our organization and from the outside, and the need to contain costs, Mail Services is revising its mail routes (Hospitals and Health Centers only; not the Medical School) effective April 20th.


Patient care units and diagnostic and treatment areas will continue to receive Monday-Friday mail delivery. But many support areas will have mail delivery decreased to two days per week.


The attached delivery schedule lists areas by campus “zip”, or SPC, code. To find out what your area’s schedule will be, please search for your Code.

All special delivery United States Postal Service mail (mail requiring a signature) will continue to be delivered on the day it is received. On non-delivery days, departments may pick up their mail from one of the Mail Rooms ( Taubman Center level B-2 or North Ingalls Bldg. B 1D22) if they wish. Off-site locations served by Metro Delivery will continue to receive mail Mondays through Fridays.


Mail delivery will continue to occur during the afternoon, though delivery times may be altered slightly. Should you have outgoing mail that cannot wait until our next scheduled delivery, please continue to use one of the six overnight mail boxes. Overnight mail is picked up daily at 6:00 a.m. and is processed first. Outgoing mail (mail requiring postage) continues to be sent to Campus Mail two times per day.


Electronic mail/communication has grown at a remarkable rate. People are comfortable using electronic communication and value its speed, ease of use and low cost. While some areas will have less frequent delivery of mail, our belief is that change will have no or minimal impact on operations. At the same time, it will save our organization over $126,000 per year.


In addition, everyone is encouraged to review what they are mailing either within our organization or to the outside to see if an electronic mailing will be more effective and less costly. Hard copy mail brings several types of cost: paper, printing, postage and handling. One needs to compare the costs of hard copy and electronic mail and weigh that against the benefit/return expected.


Thank you for your cooperation and support. Please direct any questions or concerns to Vickie Thompson ( vickiet@umich.edu) or Frank Krupansky (fkrup@umich.edu).

Materiel Services consistently, efficiently and cost-effectively provides a multitude of support services throughout the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers.  Governed by principals of responsibility, pro-active planning, and leadership we provide our staff members with the resources, tools, systems, information and training needed to meet customer requirements.

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