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Materiel Services

Materiel Services Center (MSC)


NOTE: If you have a package (Fed-Ex. U.P.S.. etc.) or delivery that does not belong to you, please page a Warehouse Supervisor@ pager #2574. Somebody will call you back and arrange a pick-up and delivery to the correct customer.

For other issues during the day shift please page Nathan McQueen at #4799 or Michelle Rhoton at #7398.

The storage area for the 9,600 items ordered and processed through Materiel Services is located within a 9,000 square foot area on the B-2 Level of University Hospital.  An inventory value of approximately $1,350,000 is maintained which represents an inventory turnover of 24 times per year. Typically, high volume, multiple area use items (stock) are maintained in the MSC warehouse.  Infrequently used items (nonstock) are managed by the MSC warehouse, but are not stored in the B2 warehouse.

Offsite Storage; Fill out form OffSite Storage Request Form, save copy and email as an attachemnt to MS-MSC-STORAGE Request Form example


Return Product Form Instructions

In order to ensure proper tracking and crediting of all medical supplies you wish to return to MSC, please:

* Save a copy of the Return Product Form (see link below) to your desktop or hard drive, electronically enter or hand write all the required information on the form(s). NOTE: You can only type into cells that are NOT password protected!
If you are returning more then 3 items, create more forms for the additional items.

* At least 1 form must be on each box you are returning to MSC.
Save a copy of the return form(s) on your hard drive for your future reference.

* Fill out separate forms for Stock items and Non Stock items.

* Return all boxes to MSC Warehouse or stage for Metro Delivery to return.

* Remember that Non Stock items MAY be non-returnable and non-refundable!

(i.e. - MSC will determine if a credit can be given on an item by item and dollar basis. We start by asking if another department can use the item(s) and/or if the supplier is willing to issue a credit)

Return Product Form


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MSC Catalog

Stock Items

Non-Stock Items

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