Curriculum Highlights: Patient Care

At Michigan, our students are actively involved in patient care. This begins during the first two years of medical school and extends into intensive clinical experiences during years three and four.

Foundations & Practice

Family Centered Experience (FCE)
flash icon In the first two years students learn the personal side of medicine by working with families and individuals with chronic illness.
Clinical Foundations of Medicine (CFM)
flash icon Physical examination, communication, and diagnostic skills are taught and practiced. Students are exposed to patients with classic clinical findings.
Standardized Patient Program (SPP)
flash icon Students evaluate simulated patients to enhance their clinical and communication skills.

Clerkship Education

Providing Patient Care
flash icon In the third and fourth years students learn the art and science of medicine by taking care of patients.

Community Outreach

Caring for the Underserved
flash icon Students participate in clerkships and volunteer at shelters and clinics to gain experience caring for the underserved.