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The Division and its affiliated faculty have had exciting growth in several areas of clinical research. Faculty have a broad range of clinical research interests. Key areas of intense research among division members are in

Cardiovascular Disease

  • clinical trials in mechanisms of hypertension and accelerated cardiovascular disease in chronic kidney disease, end-stage renal disease and renal transplantation
  • clinical trials exploring effects of vitamin supplementation on vascular disease among patients with kidney disease
  • kidney disease and hypertension in the African American population

Acute Renal Failure

  • studies in survival of hospital patients with acute renal failure and examination of delivery of renal replacement therapies
  • development of a bioartificial kidney now in a multi-center clinical trial

End-Stage Renal Disease, Dialysis, and Kidney Transplantation

  • examination of various dialysis access techniques for hemodialysis therapy
  • bioengineering and investigation of dialysis access with an emphasis on surveillance techniques
  • access to kidney transplantation and renal transplant survival in the minority population
  • clinical pharmacology of immunosuppressive medications

Faculty in the division are lead investigators and collaborators on recent NIH-sponsored multi-center clinical trials like the African American Study of Kidney Disease (AASK) and the Chronic Renal Insufficiency Study (CRIC). Many faculty conduct patient-oriented research in the General Clinical Research Center (GCRC), which has been continuously funded by the NIH for over 20 years.

Clinician scientists in the division have spear-headed collaborations with investigators regionally at Detroit Medical Center - Wayne State University, and St John Hospital as well as across the U.S and internationally.

Click here for information regarding clinical research opportunities.

The following faculty have a particular interest in clinical research:

Cibrik, Diane M., M.D., M.S. Ojo, Akinlolu O., M.D., Ph.D.
Gadegbeku, Crystal A., M.D. Perlman, Rachel L., M.D.
Gikas, Paul W., M.D. Saran, Rajiv, M.B.B.S., M.D., D.T.C.D., M.R.C.P., M.S.
Hsu, Chen Hsing, M.D. Segal, Jonathan H., M.D., M.S.
Leichtman, Alan B., M.D. Swartz, Richard D., M.D.
Luan, Fu L., M.D. Weitzel III, William F., M.D.
Messana, Joseph M., M.D. Young, Eric W., M.D.

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