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Dr. James Riddell

Description of Research: James Riddell


Dr. Riddell’s main research focus is to find ways of improving the care of patients living with HIV/AIDS. Dr. Riddell has been the Principal Investigator for a variety of NIH studies evaluating the appropriate use of antiretroviral agents as well as pharmaceutical industry sponsored studies to develop new antiretroviral medications. The future goal of the HIV/AIDS program is to become more involved in large clinical trials to the benefit of patients and to contribute to optimizing the clinical care of patients infected with HIV.


Our group has developed a transplant infectious disease consult service to both better serve the clinical needs of these complex patients and provide a platform for clinical research. Currently, a consult service staffed by physicians with a specific interest in infections in the immunocompromised host is consulting on hematopoietic stem cell recipients with infectious complications of their transplant. In conjunction with the Bone Marrow Transplant service, we are developing clinical protocols to manage and prevent infections in this population. This service has been expanded to include recipients of solid organ transplants. Dr. Riddell is also involved in research efforts to improve the management of the infectious complications that can occur after organ transplantation.

Recent Publications:

Nicolasora, NP; Malani, PN; Riddell, J; Dorsch, MP; Reaume, KT; Dyke, DB; Pagani FD; Aaronson, KD; Kaul, DR. Opportunistic infections in heart transplant patients: The role of thymoglobulin and corticosteroid dosing. Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice, 18(5):318-23, (2010).

Riddell, J; Comer, GM; Kauffman, CA. Treatment of endogenous fungal endophthalmitis: Focus on new antifungal agents. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 52:648-53, (2011).

Carter, CC; McNamara LA; Onafuma-Nuga, A; Shackleton, M; Riddell, J; Bixby, D; Savona, MR; Morrison, SJ; Collins, KL; HIV-1 utilizes the CXCR4 chemokine receptor to infect multipotent hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. Cell Host & Microbe, 9:223-34, (2011).

Psarros, G; Riddell, J; Gandhi, T; Kauffman, CA; Cinti, SK. Bartonella henselae infections in solid organ transplant recipients: Report of five cases and review of the literature. Medicine (Baltimore), 91(2):111-21, (2012).

Riddell, J; Quint, DJ; Kazanjian, PH. Hematogenous coagulase-negative staphylococcal vertebral osteomyelitis: Case reports and review of the literature. Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice. 20(6):400-03, (2012).

Washer, LL; Chenoweth, C; Kim, HW; Rogers, MAM; Malani, AN; Riddell, J; Kuhn, L; Noeyack, B; Neusius, H; Newton, D; Saint, S, and Flanders, SA; Blood culture contamination: A cluster-randomized cross-over trial evaluating the comparative effectiveness of three skin antiseptic interventions. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology. 34(1):15-21, (2013).

McNamara, L; Onafuwa-Nuga, A; Riddell, J; Bixby, D; Collins, K; HIV DNA is found in CD133+ hematopoietic progenitor cells from donors with undetectable viral loads and is not explained by contamination with CD3+ T Cells. Journal of Infectious Diseases. 207:1807-16, (2013).

Tripathi, A; Riddell, J; Chronis, N; A 3D microfluidic cell trapping architecture for counting white blood cells. Sensor and Actuators B. 186:244-51, (2013).

D’Souza, G; Carey, T; William, W; Nguyen, ML; Ko, EC; Riddell, J; Pai, SI; Gupta, V; Walline, HM; Lee, JJ; Wolf, GT; Shin, DM; Grandis, JR; Ferris, RL; Epidemiology of HIV-infected head and neck squamous cell cancer patients. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. 65(5):603-10, (2014).

Riddell, J; Kauffman, CA; Smith; JA; Assi, M; Blue, S; Buitrago, MI; Deresinski, S; Wright, PW; Drevets, DA; Norris, SA; Vikram, HR; Carson, P; Vergidis, P; Carpenter, J; Seidenfeld, SM; Wheat, LJ; Histoplasma capsulatum endocarditis: Multi-center case series with review of current diagnostic techniques and treatment. Medicine (Baltimore). in press, (2014)


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