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Dr. Daniel Kaul

Description of Research: Daniel Kaul


Dr. Kaul directs the Transplant Infectious Disease Service that provides inpatient and outpatient consultation for patients who have received either solid organ or stem cell transplants. We also work closely with the various transplant groups preparing prophylactic and treatment guidelines. Research interests include the epidemiology of opportunistic infections after solid organ transplantation and the diagnosis and management of viral and other opportunistic infections after stem cell transplantation.


Dr. Kaul is a member of the HIV/AIDS Treatment Program and spent two years training specifically in this area and has been a principal investigator on phase II, III, and IV multi-center trials of antiretroviral agents. Research interests include clinical use of antiretroviral therapies, immune reconstitution disease, and resistance to antiretroviral agents.

Recent Publications

Safdar N, Abad CL, Kaul DR, Saint S. Skin Deep. New England Journal of Medicine 2012 366:1336-1340

Norman, SP, Kommareddi M, Kaul DR. Update on kidney transplantation into HIV-infected recipients. AIDS Rev 2012 14(3): 195-207

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Kaul DR, Davis JA. Human T-Cell lymphotrophic virus 1/2 in solid organ recipients. American Journal of Transplantation 2013 Mar; 56(6):817-24

Levenson JE, Kaul DR, Saint S, Nallamothu BK, Gurm H. A shocking development. New England Journal of Medicine 2013 Dec:369:2253-8

Maha Assi, Stanley Martin,L. Joseph Wheat, Chadi Hage, Alison Freifeld, Robin Avery, John W. Baddley, Paschalis Vergidis, Rachel Miller, David Andes, Jo-Anne H. Young, Kassem Hammoud, Shirish Huprikar, David McKinsey, Thein Myint, Julia Garcia-Diaz, Eden Esguerra, EJ Kwak, Michele Morris, Kathleen M. Mullane, Vidhya Prakash, Steven D. Burdette, Mohammad Sandid, Jana Dickter, Darin Ostrander, Smyrna Abou Antoun, Daniel R. Kaul Histoplasmosis after Solid Organ Transplantation Clinical Infectious Disease 2013 57 (11):1542-1549

Robert W. Krell, Daniel R. Kaul, Andrew Martin, Michael J. Englesbe, Christopher J. Sonnenday, Shije Cai, Preeti N. Malani. Association between sarcopenia and the risk of serious infection among adults undergoing liver transplantation. Liver Transplantation 19:1396-1402, 2013

Kaul DR, Covington S, Taranto S, Green M, Lyon M, Kusne S, Miller R, Blumberg E. Solid organ transplant donors with central nervous system infections. Transplantation (accepted for publication)

K. Gregg, M. Hakki, D.R. Kaul. UL54 foscarnet mutation in an hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipient with cytomegalovirus disease. Transplant Infectious Disease 2014 16 (2): 320-23

ME Levi, D. Kumar, M. Green, MG Ison, DR Kaul, MG Micaels, BS Schwartz, IA Echenique, EA Blumberg. Considerations for screening live kidney donors for endemic infections: A viewpoint on the UNOS policy. American Journal of Transplantation. May 14 (5):1003-11


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