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Dr. Suzanne Bradley

Description of Research: Suzanne Bradley

Dr. Bradley has been interested in the prevention of infectious diseases in older persons, particularly the frail nursing home resident. Finding out why antibiotic-resistant pathogens are so common in the nursing home and how these pathogens emerge and are spread may lead to improved understanding of how to prevent infections with these organisms.

Dr. Bradley has shown that mupirocin is effective in reducing asymptomatic carriage of Staphylococcus aureus in nursing home residents. However, relapse with the same strain is common and prevention of infection has not been proven. Newer studies will assess the efficacy of intermittent mupirocin treatment in preventing recurrent infection and its effect on resistance.

In addition, use of molecular techniques in Dr. Bradley’s laboratory has led to a greater understanding of the natural history of persistent S. aureus carriage in nursing home residents and how this organism might become resistant to mupirocin.

More effective strategies for infection prevention will reduce antibiotic use, limit the emergence of antibiotic resistance, and optimize the use of limited infection control resources in the chronic care setting. To this end, Dr. Bradley has been involved in national trials to prevent influenza and other infections in older adults. She has also been involved in the development of national guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of infections in older adults.

Dr. Bradley is also the Michigan Principal Investigator for the International Collaboration on Endocarditis (ICE) group. ICE involves more than 40 centers worldwide and has published seminal studies on etiologic agents causing endocarditis and its clinical presentation.

Recent Publications:

High KP, Bradley SF, Gravenstein S, Mehr DR, Quagliarello VJ, Richards C, Yoshikawa TT. Clinical Practice Guideline for the Evaluation of Fever and Infection in Older Adult Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities: 2008 Update by the Infectious Diseases Society of America. Clin Infect Dis 48 (2): 149-171, 2009.

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Hooton TM, Bradley SF, Cardenas DD, Colgan R, Geerlings SE, Rice JC, Saint S, Schaeffer AJ, Tambayh PA, Tenke P, Nicolle LE. Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment of Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection in Adults: 2009 International Clinical Practice Guidelines from the Infectious Diseases Society of America. Clin Infect Dis 50 (5): 625-663, 2010.

Tsan L, Langberg R, Davis C, Phillips Y, Pierce J, Hojlo C, Gibert C, Gaynes R, Montgomery O, Bradley S, Danko L, Roselle G. Nursing home-associated infections in Department of Veterans Affairs community living centers. Am J Infect Contr 38 (6): 461-466, 2010.

Mody L, Bradley SF, Galecki A, Olmsted RN, Fitzgerald JT, Kauffman CA, Saint S, Krein SL. Conceptual Model for Reducing Infections and Antimicrobial Resistance in Skilled Nursing Facilities: Focusing on Residents with Indwelling Devices. Clin Infect Dis 52 (5): 654-661, 2011.

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Mody L, Bradley SF, Huang SS. The “home” in nursing home: Implications for infection prevention. JAMA Intern Med 173:853-854, 2013.


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