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Below you will find several sites related to HIV and AIDS. If you have any other sites you would like to see included here, please e-mail them to us for review.

General Resources Treatment Issues
Drug Information Clinical Trials / Alt. Therapies
Online Journals AIDS Fact Sheets
Online Expert Advice Prevention
Government Sites Women' Resources

General Resources

A large database of HIV related information. Fully searchable and organized by category.

AIDS Information Research Center
A private AIDS medical information service for offering current, medically accurate information on AIDS treatment and research.

AIDS Treatment Data Network
Treatment education and counseling services for men, women and children.

HIV / AIDS Treatment Information Service
Provides information about federally approved treatment guidelines for HIV & AIDS.

International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care
This site, directed at medical professionals, provides information regarding conferences, the latest abstracts, clinical trials, etc.

Project Inform
Provides information on treatments, patients education and policy matters. Information available in English and Spanish.

Treatment Issues

AIDS Treatment News
This extensive archive provides up to the minute information on standard as well as experimental treatments.

Gay Men's Health Crisis
This site from the oldest AIDS advocacy group in the United States, provides information on current issues surrounding HIV & AIDS.

Medscape's AIDS Page
Directed at the medical profession, this site includes CEU accredited case studies and other topics of clinical significant. User must register and receive a password to this free site.

National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project
The National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project - NATAP - strives to provide the very latest in HIV drug development, research and treatment information.

Opportunistic Infections
Vital information on opportunistic infections and medical conferences.

Drug Information

Adherence Fact Sheets
Basic information on how to take your meds correctly. Suggestions and methods to making taking you HIV medications easier.

Adherence Strategies
Selection of article dealing with adherence issues. Site useful to those living with HIV as well as the medical professional.

AIDS Treatment Data Network
Easy to read fact sheets arranged by medicine and condition. Site is directed toward those living with HIV/AIDS and their loved ones.

HIV/AIDS Drug Information
This site give very current information for most HIV/AIDS drugs. Information mainly directed toward the medical professional.

HIV Treatment Options
Directed toward the caregiver but written at a level that may be useful to those living with HIV. Keep in mind that some of the newest medications are not included in this site.

International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care
Scientific abstracts and journal articles with the HIV physician in mind. Also lists upcoming medical conferences from around the world.

Medication Hotline
Confidential medicine education and information 6 days per week. Provides phone numbers that connect the user directly with a treatment counselor to talk through problems or concerns associated with HIV/AIDS medications.

Opportunistic Disease Treatment Information
Geared toward the medical professional, this site includes abstracts, treatment guidelines, and schedules of upcoming conferences.

Opportunistic Infections
Easy to read and understand information on opportunistic infections, symptoms, and treatments. Written primarily for those living with HIV and their caregivers.

The Access Project
Alphabetical List of HIV/AIDS drugs with simple information about how to take and what side effects may occur.

Clinical Trials / Alternative Therapies

Protocol database for all AIDS clinical trials for children as well as adults.

CenterWatch for Clinical Trials
A list of trials organized by state, with brief descriptions, contact names, and phone numbers for each. This site has all trials, not just HIV / AIDS.

AIDS Clinical Trials
Full text of protocols for major national clinical trials.

Online Journals

British Medical Journal
The online version of the British Medical Journal is free and full of abstracts, press releases, and full text articles geared toward the medical professional.

Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report
From the CDC, this site provides full text articles as well as opportunities for continuing education.

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
Comprehensive source for scientific information and articles targeting the medical and research professional.

International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care
News features as well as a source for articles and abstracts related to AIDS.

AIDS Fact Sheets

New Mexico AIDS Infonet
The New Mexico AIDS InfoNet is a project of the New Mexico AIDS Education and Training Center in the Infectious Diseases Division of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Information in English as well as Spanish.

Gay Men's Health Crisis
Comprehensive information presented in an easy to understand format for those living with HIV.

HIV Insite
A list of areas on the web where HIV & AIDS fact sheets can be found.

Expert Advice

The Body
Experts in HIV & AIDS field your questions online. An archive of frequently asked questions is available.

AIDS Info from the Department of Health and Human Services
A guide to caring for those living with HIV and AIDS at home


Center for AIDS Prevention Studies
HIV/AIDS fact sheets in English and Spanish as well as prevention research, programs, special topics, and links to other informative sites.

CDC Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention
Information on transmission, clinical trials, treatment, travelers health and survival. Also includes statistical data relating to HIV prevalence.

Project Inform
Comprehensive site providing treatment hotlines, educational offerings, and Spanish educational materials.

Rural Center for AIDS Prevention
Fact sheets, articles and references targeted toward HIV / AIDS issues in rural areas.

Government Sites

National Library of Medicine
This is an excellent portal to all the sites sponsored by The National Institutes of Health.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Comprehensive site containing information targeted at medical professionals as well as patients and family.

National Center for Infectious Disease
Information on infectious diseases as well as HIV and AIDS.

National Institutes of Health
Site contains comprehensive information geared toward the medical professional.

Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)
Comprehensive site with information addressing health issues in the workplace.

US Department of Health and Human Services
Find what you need at this site that details with government funded health related programs.

Women's Resources

Basic Resources for Women
Fact sheets, weekly reports on mortality and morbidity, and press releases are just examples of what can be found at this comprehensive site.

Women and HIV
A section of The Body devoted to women and their health issues.

Women with AIDS Fact Sheets
Easy to read HIV information specific to women.

Women's Health
The site from the New York Times is a portal to health information just for women.

Nutrition Resources

American Dietetic Association
A very comprehensive nutrition site directed toward dieticians as well as patients and their family.

Nutritional Resources from the National Library of Medicine
Tips and articles that will help you create a healthy diet.

Eating for a Strong Immune System
Learn how eating properly can help strengthen your immune system.

Jennifer Jensen: Angel First Class
High energy and comprehensive nutrition info from nutritionist Jennifer Jensen.

What Does it Take to be Healthy?
Tips and suggestions to help you eat healthy.

Miscellaneous Resources

American Lung Association
Facts regarding cigarette smoking among children and teens

Quit Smoking Community
Smoking cessation resources


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