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The MEND Division supports a long tradition of excellence in education and research in health care, serving the University of Michigan and surrounding communities. We have a Fellowship Training Program in Endocrinology and Metabolism and we participate in other training within the Department of Internal Medicine and the University of Michigan Medical School. Some of our faculty members have received prestigious teaching awards for their work leading classes in the U-M Medical School and mentoring yourng physician scientists.

MEND provides numerous endocrinology education programs to physicians and researchers of southeastern Michigan, including Clinical Conference talks and Research Conference lectures. Both lecture series take place on Friday afternoons and feature the latest findings by MEND physicians, by researchers from other areas of the Univeresity, and invited guest speakers in all areas of endocrine health. The Diabetes Grand Rounds series showcases the most innovative areas of diabetes research.

Our Division also hosts several important annual educational opportunities each year, including the day-long Advancing Outpatient Diabetes Care, the Michigan Center for Diabetes and Translational Research Symposium, the Schteingart Lecture in Endocrinology, the Michigan Metabolomics and Obesity Center Symposium, the John C. Floyd Jr. Memorial Fellows Lecture, and the Stefan S. Fajans Lecture in Diabetes.

The Internal Medicine Department and the Medical School's Continuing Medical Education network offer multi-day courses and over 100 single lectures annually.

For the public, our Adult Diabetes Education Program is second to none. We also host a series of public educational events each year, including the World Diabetes Day Health Fair in November.