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Medicine Grand Rounds


Every Friday at Noon in the Ford Auditorium

Medicine Grand Rounds can accessed in real time via interactive video by clicking on the following link at the time of the event:


Medicine Grand Rounds Video Portal (Level-2 Log In Required)


July, 2016
1 Carlos H. Martinez, M.D., M.P.H. (UM PCC) "Clinical Implications of Aging in Obstructive Lung Disease"
8 Adam Marks, MD (UM GPM) "Do Not Attempt Resuscitation: Past Precedents and Future Challenges"
15 Emily Shuman, MD & Larry Junck, MD "Climate Change and Health"
22 Amit Gupta, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
29 Dr.  David Baker (Northwestern University) "Brave New World: The National Landscape of Quality Measurement and Improvement"
Aug, 2016
5 Gary Rothenberg, DPM (UM MEND) "Advancing the Standard of Care in Management of the Diabetic Foot"
12 Palak Choksi, MD (UM MEND) "Bone Metastases and Skeletal Related Events in Thyroid Cancer”
19 Puneet Garg, MD (UM Neph) "New Molecular Insights into the Kidney Filtration Barrier"
26 Jessica Voit, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
Sept, 2016
2 Gregory Clines, MD (UM MEND) "Bad to the Bone: Mechanisms, Research, and Treatment of Skeletal Metastasis"
9 Kelley M. Skeff, MD, PhD (Stanford) "Reassessing the Patient's History"
16 Hallie Prescott, MD (UM Pulm/CC) "Why don’t people get better after the ICU?"
23 GI 75th Anniversary Celebration Visiting Professor - Daniel Podolsky, MD (Univ of Texas Southwestern) "A Tale of the Vasa and the Future of Academic Medical Centers"
30 Latha Palaniappan MD, MS (Stanford University) "Asian American Health: Learning from Diversity"
Oct, 2016
7 Robert Brook, MD (UM CVM) "Inhaling Hypertension and Diabetes: The Global Co-Epidemics of Air Pollution and the Metabolic Syndrome"
14 Susan P Steigerwalt MD FACP FASH (UM CVM) "Resistant Hypertension in the age of SPRINT and Pathway 2"
21 John Ayanian, MD "Health Care Reform and the 2016 Election"
28. Harold I. Feldman, MD, MSCE (University of Pennsylvania) - Annual Fritz Port Lecture
Nov, 2016
4. Dr. Johan Bakken (Annual Fekety Lecturer)
11. Cristen J. Willer, PhD (UM Int Med/ Human Genetics)
18. Jessica Voit, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
25 Holiday
Dec, 2016
2. John I Allen, MD, MBA, AGAF (UM GI)
9. Marcia Cruz-Correa, MD, PhD (University of Puerto Rico)
16. Owen Albin, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
23 W. Joseph McCune, MD (UM Rheum)
30 No Conference
Jan, 2017
6 Vincent Young, MD, PhD (UM ID)
13 Dr. Len Zon (Taubman Medical Research Institute Invited Speaker)
20 Sandeep Vijan, MD (UM Gen Med)
27 Megan Shetty, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
Feb, 2017
3 Ryan Wilcox, MD (UM Hem/Onc)
10 Theodore Suh, MD, PhD, MHS (UM GPM)
17 Amit Gupta, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
24 AOA Visiting Speaker
Mar, 2017
3 Ronald J. Buckanovich  MD, PhD (UM Hem/Onc)
17 HOLD - Visiting Professor
24 Jessica Voit, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
31 Dr. Katrina Armstrong - Clinical Excellence Society Keynote Speaker
Apr, 2017
7 Dr. Bob Brown (Pulmonary Visiting Professor)
21 Jessica Mellinger, MD (UM GI)
28 Megan Shetty, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
May, 2017
12 Research Symposium
26 Owen Albin, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"
Jun, 2017
2 Lawrence An, MD (UM Gen Med)
23 Amit Gupta, MD (CMR) "Morbidity & Mortality"