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March 2 - 6, 2015


MONDAY, March 2

•• Hematology/Oncology Clinical Conference, 8:00am, Din Rm C&D, Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) Conference

•• Noon Conference, 12:30pm, B1C202 UH, “Pre-op/Pulmonary Clearance,” Dr. Chan


TUESDAY, March 3

•• Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds, 7:30am, CVC Danto Auditorium, “Assessment of Aortic Valve Hemodynamics.  And Why My Brain Hurts,” Dr. Bach

•• GI Grand Rounds, 7:30am, B1C202 UH, TBA

•• Allergy & Clinical Immunology Seminar, 8:00am, Dom. Farm Allergy Conference Room, “Novel Therapies in Food Allergy,” Dr. Greenhawt

•• General Medicine Clinical Conference, 8:00am, EAAHC LL Conf Rm,  “Update in Residency Continuity Clinic,” Drs. Collier, Lukela, Sachdev & Tremblay

•• Nephrology Basic Science Seminar, 9:00am, 2515 BSRB, Dr. Otto

•• Geriatric Medicine Faculty & Fellow Journal Club, 12:00pm, EAAHGC B1-407, “Morbidity & Mortality: Case on LVAD Placement,” Dr. Wiggins, L. Dubin, K. Hickey

•• Leukemia Tumor Board Conference, 11:00am, 3206 CC, Clinical Care & Research

•• Intern Report, 12:30pm, 3201TC



•• GI Fellows Conference, 7:30am, B1C202 UH, “Lower GI Pathology,” Dr. Owens

•• Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Research Conference, 11:00am, 2C224 UHI, “T Cell Restricted Notch Signaling in Cryptococcus neoformans Infection,” Dr. Neal

•• Infectious Diseases Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, B1206 TC, Journal Club

•• Leukemia Conference, 12:00pm, Danto Auditorium, "Minimal Residual Disease in Acute Myeloid Leukemia,” Dr. Parkin

•• Noon Conference, 12:30pm, B2H102 UH, “Department of Service Excellence Panel,” Dr. Ellis

•• General Medicine Research Conference Schedule, 4:00pm, B16-266C NCRC, “Trends in
Clinical Quality of Care in VA Clinics with High vs. Low Progress Towards Patient Centered Medical Home Implementation,” Dr. Rosland

•• Nephrology Combined Conference, 4:00pm, 2C224 UH, Morbidity & Mortality, Dr. Al Rifai  /  Clinical Case, Drs. Sukul &  McGuire



••  Liver Conference, 7:30am, 2G335 UH, Drs. Sharma, Tavakkoli, & Wright

•• Allergy & Clinical Immunology Seminar, 8:00am, Dom. Farm Allergy Conference Room, “Regional Immunity: Specialized Immune Responses in Epithelial and Immune Privileged Tissues,” Dr. Ward

•• Rheumatology Core Curriculum Conference, 11:00am, 3201TC, “Introduction to Electrodiagnostic Studies,” Dr. J. Richardson

•• Hematology/Oncology Research Conference, 12:00pm, M3330 MedSci I,

•• Rheumatology Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, Ford Auditorium, Dr. Riebschleger

•• Hepatology Seminar, 5:00pm,  3201 TC, Dr. Liz Speliotes, Grace Su


FRIDAY, March 6

•• Rheumatology Research Conference, 12:00pm, 5530 MSRB I, “Impaired Angiogenesis in Scleroderma”
Dr. Tsou

•• Medicine Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, Ford Auditorium, “Health Care: Where Are We and Where Could We Be?“ Dr. McAneny*

•• Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes Clinical Conference, 2:00pm, 5050 Brehm Tower, No Conference

•• Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes Research Conference, 3:00pm, 5050 Brehm Tower, No Conference


*Visiting Professors

* Dr. Barbara McAneny, Chair of the AMA Board of Trustees