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March 23 - 27, 2015


MONDAY, March 23

•• Hematology/Oncology Clinical Conference, 8:00am, Din Rm C&D, "M&M”

•• Cancer Center Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, Ford Auditorium, "More than meets the eye: circulating pancreas cells, stroma and RNA sequence alterations in pancreatic cancer,” Dr. Rhim (UM GI)

•• Noon Conference, 12:30pm, B1C202 UH, “HOQSC- QI month,” Dr. Kim


TUESDAY, March 24

•• Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds, 7:30am, CVC Danto Auditorium, “Elimination of CHD as a Public Health Problem by Diet and Lifestyle,” Dr. Willett*

•• GI Fellows Case Conference, 7:30am, B1C202 UH, “M&M,” Dr. Read

•• Allergy & Clinical Immunology Seminar, 8:00am, Dom. Farm Allergy Conference Room, Journal Club, Dr. Oza

•• General Medicine Clinical Conference, 8:00am, EAAHC LL Conf Rm,  “Overview of Sports Concussion Management,” Dr. Kutcher (Neurology)

•• Nephrology Basic Science Seminar, 9:00am, 2515 BSRB, “"The Role of Caveolin-1 in Podocyte Injury,” Dr. Zhou
•• Geriatric Medicine Clinical Conference, 12:00pm, EAAHGC B1-407, “Sleep Disorders,” Dr. Suh

•• Leukemia Tumor Board Conference, 11:00am, 3206 CC, Clinical Care & Research

•• Intern Report, 12:30pm, 3201TC



•• GI Clinical Research Conference, 7:30am, B1C202 UH, Dr. Saini

•• Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Research Conference, 11:00am, 2C224 UHI, “The Life and Death of Alveolar Epithelial Cells During Fibrosis,” Dr. Kim

•• Infectious Diseases Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, B1206 TC, “Update on Candida Guidelines,” Dr. Kauffman

•• Hematology Conference, 12:00pm, Danto Auditorium, "IMiD as the Silver Bullet,” Dr. Cole

•• Noon Conference, 12:30pm, Towsley Dining Room, Dr. Bernstein

•• General Medicine Research Conference Schedule, 4:00pm, B16-266C NCRC, “The Challenge of Individualizing Decision Quality for Patients with Breast Cancer: PO1 Project 3 Overview, Update and Next Steps,” Dr. Hawley

•• Nephrology Combined Conference, 4:00pm, 2C224 UH

THURSDAY, March 26

••  Liver Conference, 7:30am, B1286 CC, Journal Club, Drs. Askari, Piper, Reinink

•• Allergy & Clinical Immunology Seminar, 8:00am, Dom. Farm Allergy Conference Room, “Vasculitis,” Dr. Patel

•• Rheumatology Research Conference, 11:00am, 3201TC, “Impaired Angiogenesis in Scleroderma,” Dr. Patel

•• Hematology/Oncology Research Conference, 12:00pm, M3330 MedSci I, “Adaptive Clinical Trial Planning and Implementation: Clinician and Biostatistician Perspectives,” Drs. Meurer, Barsan and Braun

•• Rheumatology Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, Ford Auditorium, “Racial Differences in Lupus Nephritis,” Dr. Wise

•• Noon Conference, 12:30pm, 3201TC, Patient Safety Presentations


FRIDAY, March 27

•• Medicine Grand Rounds, 12:00pm, Ford Auditorium, "Morbidity and Mortality," Dr. Vaughn-Sandler

•• Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes Clinical, 2:00pm, 5050 Brehm Tower, “Medical Treatment of ACTH-Dependent Cushing’s Syndrome,” Dr. Ajmal

•• Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes Research, 3:00pm, 5050 Brehm Tower, “5-HT2CR Modulation of Homeostatic and Hedonic Food Intake,” Dr. Heisler*


*Visiting Professors

* Walter C. Willett, M.D., Dr. P.H., Professor of Epidemiology & Nutrition, Chairman, Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Medicine, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston

*  Lora Heisler, PhD, Chair in Human Nutrition, Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow in Basic Biomedical Sciences, Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, Aberdeen, Scotland