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American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology
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Clinical Research

Georgiana Sanders, MD, and Rajan Ravikumar, MD, are conducting an oral immunotherapy clinical trial to desensitize patients to peanut allergies. University of Michigan is one of the 50 sites included in this internationally study of 500 patients, 10 of which are University of Michigan patients. These patients must test positive for a peanut protein allergy by a blood test or skin test as well as have a clinical reaction. This study is a double blinded placebo food challenge where patients receive a continued increased dose of peanut capsules or powder every other week for 6 months. The goal of the study is to see a significant increase in ability to tolerate peanuts up to 2 grams. After the trial is over patients can continued to be actively treated and all patients who received the placebo can begin treatment.