Training Courses

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Interpreter Services at Michigan Medicine, Medical Interpreter Training Academy is committed to providing high quality, effective, and relevant medical interpreter courses to current and future Medical Interpreters. The courses we offer ensure that practitioners maintain their skill levels, as well as keep up with developments in the field of Medical Interpreting.

Medical Interpreting and Translating Courses includes:
1. Linguistic and cultural studies which include the study of any language or linguistic system, and the study of any specific culture.
2. Theoretical and experiential studies which include the process of interpreting and transliterating theory and skill building activities.
3. Specialization studies which include specialized aspects of medical interpreting used in settings such as the pediatrics, mental health, substance abuse recovery fields, palliative care, and many others.
4. General knowledge studies which include areas less obviously related to the field of medical interpreting and translation but are educationally beneficial to the participant.

Cancelation Policy For All Medical Interpreter Training Academy Courses

Cancellations will be permitted four or more weeks prior to the start of a training course without incurring a fee. Due to the cost of establishing, holding, and refilling participant slots, along with the associated costs of language assessments and course materials, the following cancellation fee schedule applies:

If you questions about the field of medical interpreting and translating, please contact our Medical Interpreter Training Academy Coordinator at (734) 998-2183 or at