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Kellogg Project Bibliography

Books (Detroit and Michigan Focus)                              

Block, Louis. A Survey of the Health Conditions of and the Facilities Available to the Negro in Detroit for the Year 1933. Ann Arbor: 1935.

Boykin, Ulysses W. A Hand Book on the Detroit Negro. Detroit: The Minority Study Associates, 1943.

Citizens Research Council of Michigan. The Negro in Detroit. Detroit: The Council, 1926.

Detroit Urban League. A Profile of the Detroit Negro, 1959-1964. Detroit: Detroit Urban League, 1965.

Johnson, Georgia A. Black Medical Graduates of the University of Michigan: (1872-1960 inclusive) and Selected Black Michigan Physicians. East Lansing: G. A. Johnson, 1994.

Levine, David Allan. Internal Combustion: The Races in Detroit, 1915-1926. Westport: Greenwood Press, 1976.

Martin, Elizabeth Anne. Detroit and the Great Migration, 1916-1929. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1993.

Michigan State Medical Society. Medical History of Michigan. Minneapolis and Saint Paul: Bruce, 1930.

Moon, Elaine Latzman. Untold Tales, Unsung Heroes: An Oral History of Detroit's African American Community, 1918-1967. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1994.

Warren, Francis Herbert, comp. Michigan Manual of Freedmen's Progress. Ed. John M. Green. 3rd ed. Detroit: John M. Green, 1985.

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NOTE: This bibliography updates and replaces a 1995 bibliography created by Nicholas Scalera and Tylitha Stewart, with electronic version by Renee McKinney.