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Leadership & Administrative Core

A well defined and effective Leadership/Administrative Core that supports the activities of the Claude D. Pepper OAIC is well established at the University of Michigan Geriatrics Center. The faculty and staff in this Core have proven leadership and administrative skills that promote the effective development of the OAIC.

The Leadership/Administrative Core provides leadership which fosters interactions among the Center Director, OAIC Core Directors and the leadership of the Institution as a whole. The administrative structure and the proposed advisory committees define, enhance, and require these interactions on a regular ongoing basis. The Center Director has direct administrative and functional responsibility for carrying out the mission of the OAIC.

Central to the structure and function of the OAIC is the Geriatrics Center Research Operating Committee. This committee is comprised of the OAIC Director (Chair), OAIC Core Directors, two selected senior scientists and Geriatrics Center administrative staff. The Research Operating Committee provides coordination and oversight for all programmatic and core activities of the OAIC. In addition, each Research Core has established a Steering Committee to review core operations and ensure that the needs of the core users are being met. An External Advisory Committee provides the Center Director with recommendations in an annual report regarding progress and evaluation of OAIC programs.

The Leadership Core will work closely with the Pilot and Exploratory Studies Core, the Research Career Development Core, and with each Research Core to ensure appropriate external review for pilot grants, core development projects, and career development proposals to be considered for OAIC support in future years. The Leadership Core also has established an external Safety Monitoring Board for oversight of the Center’s clinical research studies. Thus, both within and outside of the Institution, the OAIC has the appropriate linkages to enhance its multiple interactions and to achieve its missions.