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NOTE: If English is not your native language, please present documentation (in addition to the language examination of ECFMG) that your knowledge of the English language is sufficient to function as a Fellow in the United States.
The most desirable documentation is a certificate by TOEFL (Test of English
as Foreign Language), Box 899, Princeton, New Jersey 08540, which can be taken
around the world during the months of September, November, February, and May.

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ECFMG Certification is mandatory for those who intend to do clinical work. ECFMG#: Date certified: Clinical Assessment Score:

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Documents in Support of Application

Before your application can be considered:
letters of recommendation are required (one required from your Program
Director) with a complete appraisal of all the following areas: medical knowledge,
patient care, professionalism, and interpersonal & communication skills. Applicant
should arrange to have these submitted directly as confidential communications to
the address below. The individuals submitting letters of recommendation are: Reference#1 (Name and Address):
Reference#2 (Name and Address):
Reference#3 (Name and Address):

Personal Statement: 


Send a recent photograph (small) of yourself to the mailing address listed below
or as an attachment (jpg format) to Curriculum Vitae can also be sent an additional attachment to

All documents, information, letters of recommendation, and communications
should be directed to:

Marcos L. Montagnini, M.D.,
Director, Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship Program, VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System 2215 Fuller Road, (11G) GRECC F-224
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105 Direct inquiries to (734) 845-3066 or by email to
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