Officers and Board Members

2019 Directors and Officers

President: Stephanie Rakes-Colvin
President Elect: Jenny Carpenter
President Emeritus: Michelle Sanford
Secretary: Open
Treasurer: Natalie Underhill
Vice President of Gift Shops (Co): Lillian Path, Lori Bukoski
Social Services: Katie Schneider
Communications: Karen Stern
Programs (Co): Christina Hayes

Members at Large:  Dianne Briones, Pedro Coracides, Anna Fournier, Robert Grese, Virginia Nelson, Julie Piazza, Stephanie Sarna and Rebekah Johnson

Non-Voting Members:
Alfreda Rooks, MPA, Community Programs & Services Director, Administrative Advisor
Robert Newman, UMHS Friends Gift Shops Manager
Waitzy Brown, UMHS Friends Advisory Board Administrative Assistant

UMHS Friends Advisory Board Office